Who was the sole man behind creating Akhand Bharat, the United India?

Today when we look at the map of India, we feel sad to know that we lost much of our land during partition to Pakistan and Bangladesh which were once part of India. Not to forget that Afghanistan was also part of India. The entire region of Sindhu valley which constitute most of the Norther part of India was known for its culture, tradition and world famous education which had shaped since thousands of years.

The Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism were the prominent religions in the region which taught peace and harmony to the world. But however, it was a time when many foreign invaders wanted to conquer India because of the amazing stories they heard about the land. The main tactic they followed was to divide and rule. One ruler was pitted against another in order to make India weak.

But there was one man who understood the strategy behind it and he stood firm against those foreign invaders who wanted to destroy the entire land. If at all if India stands united today, the credit goes to one man and that is Acharya Chanakya.

Acharya Chanakya was someone who had suffered immensely under the corrupt king Dhanananda, who was the ruler of Magada. Dhanananda was extremely corrupt man who imprisoned Chanakya’s father which resulted in his death. Chanakya lost both his parents at a very young age after which he left to Takshashila for his education where he mastered Economics, political science and other core subjects. Noticing his intelligence and political mind, he was introduced to King Dhanananda to appoint him as the chief advisor for the Kingdom. But the King who was arrogant insulted him in the court and orders him to be thrown out. Enraged with King’s behaviour, Chanakya utilizes the opportunity to take revenge against the King for all the misdeeds he had committed since years. He removes the Sikha (Brahmin Hair that is always tied) and swears that he will not tie his hair until King Dhanananda was removed.

Following this, the King orders the soldiers to capture Chanakya, but however, expecting the obvious, Chankaya disguises himself in a women’s cloth and escapes from the city. He comes across a group of small boys playing on the road. He finds one boy very courageous and brave after which he takes him along with him promising him to impart education and knowledge.

The boy is none other than Chandra Gupt. Chandra Gupt, under the guidance of Chanakya learns economics, politics and warfare and becomes one of the most powerful man.

At the same time, Alexander plans to attack India and creates rift between two kings of the region namely King Ambhi of Gandhar and King Porus of Punjab. Alexander ties up with King Ambhi and promises to defeat Porus for him. King Ambhik supported him and there was a war against King Porus at the banks of river Jhelum where Porus lost the war.

Chanakya who saw the development, realised that Alexander’s invasion would be a threat to the sovereignty of United India and the need of the hour was to stand together and fight against foreign invaders. Keeping his ego aside, he requests Dhananda to help the Kings as he had a massive army of 200,000 infantry, 80,000 cavalry, 8,000 chariots, and 6,000 war elephants.But Dhanananda refuses and again insults Chanakya and sends him away.

Chanakya then takes his mission of dethroning Dhanananda and gathers smaller kings to revolt against Dhanananda for his misdeeds. He ties with small kingdoms and finally makes Chandra Gupt as the leader of all. With the massive force, they attack Magada finally throwing out Dhananada from his kingdom. Chandra Gupt was only 20 years when he conquered Pataliputra.

The failure to defeat Alexander, the first time when he invaded India kept bothering Chanakya very much. Although Alexander was no more, he very well knew that the Greeks would return back to India under the leadership of Seleucus, who was the successor of Alexander. So, Chanakya wanted a massive army and a united India where everyone would stand together against foreign invasion.

He galvanized the army, got huge number of horses, elephants and finally was able to build 600,000 thousand military personals to protect the vast kingdom. Alexander who had conquered many regions in the North West India were to be taken back in order to secure our borders and achieve the goal of United India. Although Chanakya and Chandra Gupt were able to take back the regions from Seleucus through war, he did not want Chandra Gupt to become over confident and get a tag Conqueror. What Chanakya wanted was not large India, but United India. So, Chanakya plays a second tactic where in he gets Chandra Gupt married to Seleucus’s daughter tactfully and there by puts a break to Seleucus ambition of conquering India and stops Greek intrusion for ever.

He knew that a day would come when Chandra Gupt’s rule will end and there was no guarantee that his successor would be as strong as Chandra Gupt or ethical. So he decided to write a treatise on able leadership that we know today as – Arthashastra. So the teachings of Arthashastra was made compulsory to all men and women which became the base to develop core values of patriotism, politics and to remain non corrupt.

After Chandra Gupt, kings Bindusara and later Ashoka developed the same attitude of patriotism and believed in the concept of united India which passes from generations and became the main reasons why India stands united even today despite hundreds of invasion, attacks and killing by foreign rulers.

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