The untold mysteries of Lord Puri Jagannath temple, that not many people know about!

The Lord Puri Jagannath temple is one of the most auspicious Hindus shrines which has history of thousands of years. It is believed that during the end of Dhwapara Yug, the Pandavas were instructed to visit the Chaar dham in order to lessen their sins and attain moksha. The Puri Jagannath temple is one of the Chaar Dham which is said to have the heart of Lord Krishna placed inside the idol of Lord Jagannath.

The Lord Jagannath temple is said to be built by King Indradyumn after he had a dream in which Lord Krishna guided him to Nila Madhava. While Indradyumn was taking a holy dip in the river, he found an iron lump which had the sound of the heartbeat. This story goes to Dhwapara Yug, where after the death of Lord Krishna, it is said his body was lying there for days. But however, his heart kept beating and it remained on land for hundreds of years.

This heart in the form of iron lump was found to Indradyumn, who then heard a whisper in his ears by Lord Vishnu saying that it was the heart of Lord Krishna which would remain on land forever.

On hearing this, Indradyumn took the heart to Puri, where he installed the heart inside the idol of Lord Jagannath. He covered the heart of Lord Krishna and made sure that wasn’t visible to the outside world. Even today it is believed that the heartbeat of Lord Krishna could be heard in the Puri Jagannath temple.

It is not just this mystery which surrounds Jagannath temple, but there are many other unexplained events that happen in the temple.

The flag in the Puri Jagannath temple always flaps in the opposite direction of the wind.

It is very common to see the wind blowing from sea to the land during the day time and in the reverse direction during night, but in Puri temple, it is always the opposite.

The Sudarshana chakra is in the temple is placed in such a way that from whichever direction you see, it seems like it is facing you.

The shadow of the main dome never falls on the ground and it is always invisible at any time of the day.

The temple’s kitchen has 7 pots which are stacked one above the other and they are cooked with wood fire, always the food in the top most pot gets cooked first and the pot at the last will be cooked at the end.

Though the temple is close to the ocean, the moment people take the first step inside the temple, which is the Singhadwara, the sound of the ocean goes completely nil and one cannot hear it.

It is the practice that the temple authority do not let any flight or planes to fly over the temple, however, the people say that they do not see any birds also fly over the temple.


Is it true that Lord Krishna’s heart is still burning somewhere on Earth?

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