How much do you know about the unsolved mystery of Nidhivan in Vrindavan

India has been known for its unusual tales and unfurled mysterious since ages. Till date each of these mysterious has been associated with either of demons or ancient characters. A number of attempts have been made by Researchers and Scientists to unfurl these mysteries. While some of them have found their answers and most of them remain as absolute mystery for the world to witness.

The land of Vrindavan is completely drenched in love, care and the affection among the legendary Lord Krishna and Radha. Each of those temples here are dedicated to the duo whose love in the purest form, that touched the spiritual heights.

“Nidhivan”, known to be one of the most sacred places in Vrindavan,Uttar Pradesh, has always been in talks for its mysterious incidents. What is actually mysterious about this place? Here’s what we found:

The devotees and locals believe that Lord Krishna himself visits this place every day to perform “Rasleela” in the laps of the night. This divine performance is said to take place among Krishna, Radha and his Gopikas.

Major part of the temple is surrounded with huge busy forests. The Temple derives its name from “Nidhi” meaning Treasure and “Van” meaning forest. A factor that’s amazing about the forest that you can see as well is; all the roots, branches and the trunk of the trees are hollow. There is nothing life-giving inside it; also the land at the temple is really dry – still the twigs and leaves remain lively and green throughout the year.

Trees that raise your eyebrows!!

What makes them so unusual is their shape. Naturally, the branches of a tree grow upwards but here in Nidhivan, they tend to grow downwards. The trees are short in size and have entangled trunks. Yet another fact to astonish you is that, the Tulsi leaves that grow here come out in “pairs” and not single leaf.

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Proof claim the Spiritual act to be true..

There is another small mandir known as the Rang Mahal, the shringar-ghar of Radha Rani. It is believed that it is here that Shri Krishna decorates Radharani. Inside this temple is also a bed kept for Radha-Krishna to rest.

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The holy garden has a small room in which the bed of Sandalwood is prepared on daily basis. A silver glass of water, along with leaves of Pan (Betel Leaf) is kept beside the bed. As the doors open in the morning, the priests find an empty glass of water, pan leftovers and the bed in a condition as if someone has slept on it. Didn’t that send chill down your spine?

The temple, inside which is a beautiful, peaceful-looking, bejeweled statue of Lord Krishna and Radha which closes at 5 PM every day.

What is mysterious about this place?

Devotees are asked not to stay at this place after the evening Aarti. It is believed that if anybody witnesses the divine happening that person either turns blind, dumb or losses his mental stability.
Followed by this belief, people living nearby have permanently closed their windows with bricks so that even if they wish to witness it they aren’t able to do so.

Well, these incidents about the Nidhivan still remains a matter of debate whether it actually takes place or not. Apart from all those debates, these incidents are a reflection of the rich Culture in India.


The Mysterious Nidhivan in Vrindavan and Its Popular Tales