Know the so called poor farmer named Ayyakannu participating in Kisan March who is a part of Sand Mafia and owns ” Audi” car

The “Kisan March” or farmer rally organized in National Capital demanding a minimum support price for their crops and freedom from debt seems nothing more than enacted drama by communist organizations and opposition parties to fulfill their own political agendas under the garb of it.

Yesterday the event seemed to be more a political gathering where the opposition tried to display their power. It looked like that together they are so strong that they will be able to throw PM Modi Government out of power which is a far distant dream.

Some other details that emerged about the farmers march too put a question mark on the originality of rally. It was reported that among the farmers seen in rally organized by the several communist organizations was one farmer from Tamil Nadu named Ayyakannu who might have appeared as a poor farmer to many people.

But the reality of this farmer will shock many of you. He is not the poor farmer as he appears to be. Although he hails from a farmer’s family in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu but Ayyakannu has been a lawyer by profession from many years and is a rich fellow. The 68-year-old Ayyakannu own an Audi car and is allegedly a part of Tamil Nadu’s sand mining mafia, and he claims he could be a ‘snake in the grass’!

He has led several campaigns claiming he is fighting for the rights of the farmers. He is known for the ingenious methods through which he led farmer protests. In his protests, the farmers are made to eat dead rats and snakes, roll on the ground half naked, blow conch shells with heads shaven and carry skulls during  demonstrations.

Around 1200 members from the organisation of Ayyakannu had arrived in Delhi with the skulls of farmers in the delta region, who had allegedly committed suicide. The group of theatrical rabble-rousers hit the streets of the national capital on Friday under the banner of the All-India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), a platform of 200 farmers’ groups that are communist by their own admission as they wield the ideological hammer-and-sickle flag.

Ayyakannu has been found involved in various controversies too. In March this year, Ayyakannu had entered an altercation with a woman activist of the BJP, Nellaiyammal, who had slapped him after he had called her a “slut”. Earlier, in 2017, BJP national secretary H Raja had alleged that Ayyakannu is a “fraud” and had taken money from a bank, which was not repaid.

Ayyakannu has also tried his hands in politics. In 1977, Ayyakannu had contested from Musiri in Tamil Nadu as a Janata Party candidate in the Assembly election and finished fourth.

This farmer march is nothing but the opposition tactics to put pressure on PM Modi Government. The opposition political parties’ only motive is to anyhow throw the PM Modi Government out of power. They have nothing solid against PM Modi Government that’s why they are using fake propagandas to target PM Modi Government.

Source : Mynation