Know why we think actors like Raveena Tandon make a better politican. And why they are not interested

Actress Raveena Tandon, who has actively raised her voice against various social issues during her 25-year-long film career, says unlike her co-stars Govinda and Shatrughan Sinha , she is not interested in joining politics as “there is no respect left”.

Pointing out at the severity of the situation of crimes against women in the country, Raveena steered the conversation to the increase in juvenile crime cases. “There are very few countries that still have 18 years as the age for juvenile. Most of the countries have moved it down to 14 or 16. We are still stuck at 18.”

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Raveena Tandon and her spat with Congress leader Priyanka Chutrvedi ends. Priyanka blocks access to Raveena

This is a political spat with a difference. It is not cat fight and it is not political fight too. We guess the verbal spat between Raveena Tandon and Congress Leader is yet another political vendetta by Congress spokesperson-on Hinduism.

The verbal spat on tweeter started, when Raveena Tandon commented on her co-star Aamir Khan’s views about ‘intolerance’.

Raveena Tandon Interview on Intolerance must watch

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The congress spokesperson took it far too personally.

Raveena Tandon Retweeted

And believe me Priyanka.nothing personal,I only got to know you after you trolled me,Am only for my country,speak only for &it’s reputation.

Raveena Tandon added,

(tweet link not available now)

What happened after that?



Oops ! Am blocked by her .. sad just when I offered her an olive branch….would love to give peace a chance any day..

Thank god @priyankac19 hasn’t seen me in my true Punjabi street fighter avatar yet! She might need smelling salts to recover

Raveena TandonVerified account ‏@TandonRaveena  20h20 hours ago

@priyankac19 tweets after blocking me. Epic! A video she puts out,which I’m extremely proud of,same circumstances I’ll say the same thing!

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