Know why former DC of Mangaluru Sasikanth Senthil’s resignation is an opportunist move

Since 2014, when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India with a whooping majority, there is an unannounced political polarization taking place. It’s has become NDA vs rest of the political parties. They even  tried to encash this situation in the 2019 general elections, presenting themselves as ‘Mahagatbandhan’. But what was in their fate was a humiliating defeat.

In first 100 days of Modi government 2.0 many of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are seeing jail time. This has very well spooked some inside the system.

Former Mangalore DC Sasikant Senthil’s resignation sparked the debate over ‘right’ and ‘left’ all over again.

In recent times to be precise we have seen three IAS officers resigning from their posts. Two among those have given the abragation of Article 370 as their reason to quit.

Shah Faesal’s resignation was highly politically motivated. It was later proved by his association with the JNU ‘Tukde’ gang. He said the marginalization of Muslim community is taking place in India. Yes of course we agree with the point. Muslims and their vote bank was the reason behind most of the moves by the congress party in the independent India. Even after such appeasement Muslim community even today remain less educated and have less employment opportunity compared to others in India. Why did Mr. Shah Faesal found this alarming.

Kannan Gopinathan and Sasikant Senthil complained of ‘democracy in danger’. Instead of dwelling into any back story just in a plain sight anypme can understand, this statement was politically motivated.

During Sasikant Senthil’s time in Mangaluru DC, SDPI, PFI and Congress goons had unleashed horrors on the Hindu Karyakarthas. Why didn’t Senthil feel the fabric of India being destroyed by the left and congress parties? Why these learned men are acting as mouthpieces of particular political orientation? And why everyone is seem to be speaking up just before their exit?

Answer is simple, the politicians from various ideologies for example congress, communist, Islamic groups such as PFI, have formed a nexus whose sole intention is to back anyone who criticizes Modi and BJP, or those who are critic of Hindu dharma. They provide these personalities a save haven, they back them politically and try to ecosystem where these bureaucrats are presented as victims of ‘fascist’ Modi.

There are number of complaints against Sasikant Senthil if we dig into.

Right to Information (RTI) Activist K.R. Ravindra has approached Karnataka State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) against alleged illegal stone quarrying at Baby Betta Forest Range near Pandavapura.

Ravindra had mentioned of rampant corruption and the hand-in-glove attitude of the officials were responsible for illegal mining.He had named 19 officers including Sasikant Senthil and had requested the SHRC to take suitable action against these.

Sasikant senthil has allegedly acquired crore of properties in the name of his family members which doesn’t match his salary profile.

In the latest development after his resignation,

The Dakshina Kannada District Sand Lorry Owners’ Union has accused former DC Sasikanth Senthil of being a corrupt officer.

Jayaraj Shetty, the president of the association has made some serious allegations. He said in a press meet that Senthil had created several lobbies with regard to sand mining during his tenure with ulterior intentions and had committed irregularities in the matter of 10,000 metric tonnes of waste collected by the dredging of fishing harbor.

He further claimed that former DC had granted GPS tender for a company blacklisted in Udupi, and had committed wrongs through the formation of sand bazaar application without government authorization. And blames that Senthil was responsible for the increase of sand price from Rs 3000 to Rs 14000.

Allegedly Sasikant Senthil had received kickback in granting of tender to a company supported by a political leader. Wrongs were also committed in fixing of GPS to sand trucks and in giving the seized sand to a single company.

The association now has decided to complain to the state Lokayukta with regard to all these scams with a request conduct probe.

Is it not astonishing, As soon as the troubleshooter of Congress DK Shivakumar himself got into trouble and facing trail, Sasikant Senthil who is known to be a close aide of congress leaders and particular former CM Siddaramaiah decides to quit?

Yes we do agree PM Modi is not above criticism, but what these Bureaucrats are doing is just opportunism. They know now, there number may be next and Modi is making sure to clean India of corrupts. So just before exits by blaming Modi and government policies these looking to earn milage with other political parties.

Former Lokayutha Chief Santhosh Hegde while answering a question on Senthil’s resignation, has summed up a very good comment, he said,

“As a bureaucrat, you are not supposed to follow any political philosophy. Some stay on in the bureaucracy and bring in that political philosophy into administration. Bureaucrats are not to be influenced by political thinking. They are to serve within the framework of administrative law and the Constitution. There is no such thing as political philosophy for the judiciary or executive (bureaucracy). The government goes by the philosophy of the ruling party. In my opinion, you can have a political philosophy but you cannot give expression to it publicly. And what happens if bureaucrats do not want to serve a government that is not in conformity with their political thinking? There will be people who resign during one political regime or other — left, right or centrist thinking — and there will be none left to serve the nation. If one has a strong political philosophy, it is good to resign”.


Dr.Sindhu Prashanth