Know why this man sent a mail to Mumbai airport regarding threat of multiple plane hijacks

On 15 April, security was stepped up at most of the major airports in India, especially Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai in wake of a threat received by the Mumbai Airport. The Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport received a mail on 15 April, saying that six persons are planning to hijack flights leaving Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai airports. The mail with a hijack threat put security forces across all the airports in the country on their toes. Security agencies soon started the investigation and found out the threat was a fake mail, sent by a 32 year old businessman in Hyderabad.

M Vamshi Krishna, 32 year old businessman from Hyderabad, was having an extramarital affair with a girl from Chennai. The due met on Facebook and got closer. Last week, the girl wanted to go on a vacation to Goa and Mumbai. For the trip, she was continuously bothering Vamshi to book her all the flight tickets. She also asked him to come to Mumbai where two of them could meet. Being short on money, he devised an ingenious plan. He booked a fake ticket for his girlfriend from Chennai to Mumbai, and sent a copy of the ticket to her. However, since the ticket he had sent her was fake, he wanted to stall her plans of going to Mumbai. Therefore, he sent a mail to Mumbai airport claiming that 6 people were planning to hijack flights leaving from Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad on the day she was supposed to travel. He thought that a threat to hijack will be a good pretext to stop her from travelling.

Vamshi, in order to hide his identity, sent the threat mail from a fake email account and used a female name. Subsequent investigations found the email id and the server was pinned down, leading to subsequent arrest of Vamshi by Hyderabad police. These kind of stories were heard many times in movies and novels, but it is most probably the first time such an incident has happened in real life, sending the security apparatus of entire country into a tizzy.

Kshitij Mohan