Know why Yogi Adityanath had cried in the Parliament 10 years ago

Yogi Adityanath, who is seen as a hardcore Hindutva face, once cried in parliament on the issue of police brutality in the state. This was in 2006 when Mulayam Singh Yadav was the Chief Minister of the state.

In the recent polls, Yogi Adityanath had campaigned extensively in Western Uttar Pradesh. The result of his campaigning was that the BJP won all the seats in Gorakhpur while the party along with its allies won an overwhelming 325 seats. This is what made Yogi cry –

In 2006 in the parliament, Yogi Adityanath took special permission to speak on an issue. At that time, communal violence was rampant in Purvanchal region in UP. But before he could even speak, he began crying. For some time, he couldn’t speak at all, & when he finally spoke, he said that the ruling Samajwadi Party government was plotting a conspiracy against him & his life was in danger.

He told the Lok Sabha President Somnath Chatterjee that while travelling to Gorakhpur he was arrested on the allegation that he was disrupting peace. On the basis of such an allegation, a person can be put behind bars only for 12 hours, but the state government put him in jail for 11 days!

This all started after the murder of Purvanchal’s youth politician Ajit Singh. The last rites of Ajit Singh were to be conducted in Azamgarh & Yogi was travelling to attend it. But during the way, his car procession was attacked.

During this attack, Yogi’s car cavalcade was surrounded & many of his supporters were brutally injured. To save Yogi, his bodyguards started firing at the attackers which resulted in one attacker’s death. Because of this communal tension spread quick in Azamgarh & nearby areas, & cases were registered against Yogi & his supporters.

The UP police raided many of Yogi’s strongholds & many of his supporters were even sent to jail. His supporters even began fleeing their strongholds. His life was in mortal danger, but it was God’s will that he would escape out of the orchestrated attack safely.

This was the incident that Yogi recited in the parliament which resulted in him not being able to control his tears. Today, Yogi becomes the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. This is how time turns around & one never knows when the underdog becomes the king!

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