Kudos – This MP from Odisha did something which will make you respect him tremendously

Baijayant Jay Panda of Biju Janta Dal (BJD) is a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha from Kendrapara constituency (Odisha). Away from the hype of media, he is one of those MPs totally dedicated to the people of his constituency. He is well known to have established a deep connect with the people of his constituency and address the issues faced by them at the ground level. He is a man with impeccable integrity and maintains the highest standards of statesmanship both outside and inside the parliament. Despite being in opposition, he has supported the government on good initiatives and questioned whenever needed.

However, lesser known fact is that he is the only Member of Parliament who returns his salary and daily allowances proportional to the number of days in Parliament which have been washed out due to adjournments. He has been doing so since he was elected the Member of Parliament. However, this time it holds much more significance because the entire winter session has been washed out due to continuous disruption by Congress, Left and TMC.

I have been doing this for 4-5 years, end of every session I’ve been returning my salary and allowance in same proportion as time lost in Lok Sabha. Symbolic gesture, as my conscience bothers me that we are not doing what we were supposed to do, despite me not disrupting even once,” Baijayant Panda said. “The country is losing lots of money because of the disruptions in Parliament. I haven’t disrupted Parliament even once in my last 16 years. It is a matter of my personal conscience,” he said.

It was a very sincere appeal by BJD MP Baijayant Panda which also resulted in the passing of only significant bill – the bill for rights of disabled people. After almost a month of regular adjournments, the bill was passed on the last day of the winter session.

This session has been the least productive of all the sessions and hence, this gesture of Baijayant Panda is something that is brilliant. Hope other MPs also take a clue from it and let the parliament function. Baijayant Panda has also been relentlessly campaigning for parliamentary reforms such as no pay for MPs if no work is carried out in the Parliament.

Kshitij Mohan