What if Kulbushan Jadhav was Kabeer Javed, would the media have remained silent?

Kulbushan Jadhav who was arrested by Pakistan last year has been given death sentence in the Pakistan military court. The shocking part is, he has been called a spy based on a fake video generated by the Pak military.

Apart from this, the Pakistan has not provided any proof that shows that Jadhav was a spy working for Indian RAW agency. As soon as the news of his death sentence broke out, the government reacted strongly demanding Pakistan to provide a fair trial for Jadhav and submit proof for their allegation calling him a spy.

While the government is trying their best to get back Jadhav, most of the media and secular party politicians seems not to be worried. Although they are pretending to speak for Jadhav,  nobody cares if he is dead or alive. The media which is always rallying behind pro Pakistani league and separatists  have not bothered to question their Pakistani friends about their terror culture.

The real reason for their neglect is because his name is not SECULAR!

Now, imagine if the name of the man was not Kulbushan Yadhav but Kabeer Javed, what would be the reaction of our secular media?

Do you think they would have remained quiet? The media would have definitely created a big drama saying government doesn’t care for minorities, they should provide protection to all minorities travelling abroad, the Prime Minister of the country is responsible for Kabeer Javed’s arrest, Prime Minister must talk to Nawaz Sharif to bring him back…etc etc etc….!

The secular brigade and Azadi gang would have created another episode of intolerance in the country blaming the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal would have landed in Pakistan for a photo opportunity.

But today how many media is really worried for this poor man? He was an ex-Navy officer, who served his country with all dignity but all he gets is humiliation! Some soldiers in the Kashmir valley gets kicked by stone pelters, but still the army has to remain silent and bear this nuisance. They have to help people during floods and earthquakes and again get beaten by the same people. This is the reality of our country!

Barkha Dutt and many other journalists who take sides with Pakistan supporting peace talks do not have the spine to convince their so called peace loving friends to bring back Jadhav? The lady who gives lectures of “Aman ki Asha” has no voice to speak for jadhav?! An National Conference leader in Kashmir, openly backed Pakistan saying the country is only following their law and we cannot interfere to help Jadhav. If so, why were the same people rallying for Afzal Guru, Yakub menon and Ajmal Kasab? Why did they demand the release of Afzal guru, why did they want the President to pardon Yakub Menon?

If this is not pseudo liberalism and hypocrisy then what is?

Aishwarya S