What if Kulbushan Jahdav is already killed by Pakistan?

Kulbushan Jadhav who was abducted by Pakistanis last year was sentenced to death by a military court of Pakistan on fake charges of spying and conducting terror activities. The day Pakistan announced the sentencing of Kulbushan, the Indian government approached the International Court of Justice to seek immediate release of kulbushan Jadhav.

The rogue country Pakistan did not conduct a fair trail nor gave him access to Indian counsel, but instead sentenced him to death with fake charges. They produced a shabby video which had 90 cuts and was edited to suit their agenda and claimed that Kulbushan confessed he was an Indian spy working for the RAW agency. India made 16 appeals to Pakistan asking them to show proof of his wellness and provide access to Indian counsel. But the Pakistan government until today has not provided any evidence that he is alive or given counsel access.

After India’s appeal in ICJ, the ICJ immediately put a hold on his death sentence and directed Pakistan to provide counsel access to Kulbushan Jadhav. This was a massive win for India in the world court which gave us an upper hand in the fight for justice to Kulbushan Jadhav.

Pakistan faced humiliating defeat and has shamed itself in the global platform. But this terror sponsor country has defied the orders of the ICJ and denied counsel access to Kulbushan. The Pakistan’s foreign affairs advisor Sartaj Aziz brazenly said that ICJ never ordered counselor access to kulbushan and they cannot override Pakistan’s domestic law.

It is very rare that any country would defy the order of International Court of Justice as it will isolate them globally. But Pakistan defying the order has put serious questions on whether Kulbushan Jadhav is really alive. Pakistan is a country with no democracy, no law and order. The only words that matter in that country is of the terrorists who rule them from behind. PM Nawaz Sharif also has no control over the country and has to follow the orders of ISI and terrorists.

So there are chances that Pakistan may have killed Kulbushan Jadhav already (God forbid) and therefore finding no means of excuse, they are defying the ICJ order. Pakistan has been hit very badly after the Surgical strike and attacks along LoC by the Indian army. They are being completely isolated internationally by India’s strong diplomatic push. So, their frustration may have resulted in taking an extreme decision to kill Kulbushan.

Dr Subramanian Swamy also had given a hint recently that Pakistan may soon claim that inmates killed Kulbushan Jadhav in prison. It was the same trick Pakistan used to kill Sarbjit Singh in the year 2013. Swamy said that India must be prepared for a hard battle against Pakistan.

If true, What are the options for India?

If Kulbushan Jadhav has been really killed (God forbid), Pakistan will be in serious, very serious trouble. Going to International Court of Justice by India was a master stroke by Modi government which has become international news. More over the ICJ order not to hurt Kulbushan and to give counsel access to him has put Pakistan in a fix. Now Pakistan can neither claim that they have killed Kulbushan nor give excuse to ICJ.

Even if India gets the slightest hint that Pakistan has harmed Kulbushan, then the Indian army will not let Pakistan live in peace.  Pakistan will not only be answerable to India but also to the United Nations and the International Court of Justice. As Dr Swamy said, India will execute its plan to divide Pakistan into 4 parts! Sushma Swaraj had also warned Pakistan from the Parliament that if Pakistan dares to hurt KKulbushan, then the repercussion will be severe. There are chances that Pakistan will also see an end of its journey in UN for going against the ICJ. Same time, India will also start pressurizing Afghanistan and Iran to attack Pakistan which we are already witnessing. Once  majority of the UN Nations join hands to declare Pakistan a terror country, it will surely be the beginning of the end of Pakistan!

So, Kulbushan issue to Pakistan will definitely decided its fate. If Pakistan has to remain in the world map for few more years, they better keep Kulbushan safe.

Aishwarya S