This lady IAS officer fought for 31 years to get justice, her story will bring tears in your eyes!

Not many would know about this lady IAS officer Kinjal Singh. She is regarded as the most honest, daring and brave officer India saw. However her story will bring tears in your eyes. If you type her name of Google it gives you many pictures of her crying, but if you know her fight against all ods you would simply salute the lady.

Kinjal’s story goes way long when she was just 5 months old, her father K. P. Singh who was the Deputy Superintendent of Police  was killed in a fake encounter. This massive tragedy happened to her at the age when she did not even understand who was her father.

The events on the night her father was killed is nothing less than a sequence in a Hindi movie, except that it was real. On March 12, 1982, Singh was lured to a particular location, after police officers fed him incorrect information about dacoits being present there. Singh rushed to the location and found himself surrounded by close to 18 police officers who shot him, and then shot 12 other villagers to support their story—that a gang of dacoits had shot Singh. Singh’s Station House Officer R. B. Saroj was being investigated by Singh for corruption, and this was his way of taking revenge and ensuring his corruption stayed hidden. The 12 innocent villagers the corrupt policemen shot were then painted as the dacoits who killed Singh.

The entire police department believed this story, but the wife of K P Singh, Vibha Singh refused to believe it. She later moved to the Supreme Court and demanded an inquiry. The SC which noticed inconsistencies in their statement ordered Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the ‘encounter.  Vibha Singh was carrying her second child when her husband passed away. Pranjal Singh the second daughter of K P Singh was born just after 7 months after his death.

Vibha Singh was determined to make her daughters IAS officers so that they fight the case and bring justice to her father. She worked to support the family financially and fought the terminal illness she had just to ensure her daughters get the best education. Vibha’s meagre salary all went towards the girls’ education and their father’s case. But as time passed, Vibha suffered weakness from the chemotherapy she underwent for almost 18 times and it was then Kinjal Singh decided to take over the responsibility of the house and the case.

Just after few months, her mother passed away which was a major blow to her and her sister. In fact, Kinjal narrates that she had to write an exam on the day of her mother’s death. Kinjal’s dedication to her promise showed when she topped Delhi University when she graduated. She moved into a rented apartment in Mukherjee Nagar with Pranjal, where both sisters started preparing for the IAS examinations in earnest. Kinjal always said that “We were left alone in this world but we never wanted to show this world that we were alone.”

IN 2008, their dreams came true when they passed the IAS exams. They not just passed it but Kinjal obtained 25th rank and Pranjal obtained 252 rank. She was posted as the District Magistrate in Faizabad. She gained name as the most dedicated worker and did not bend to any politician or political parties.

There is one incident which became very famous, Kinjal one day was on her way back inspection when she saw a vegetable seller named Muna selling bitter gourd. She was so moved with the family’s condition she immediately bought bitter gourd worth Rs 1550 and went to their hut. She instructed her officers to get a gas connection under the Pradhan mantra Ujjwala Yojana immediately. She spent own money to buy the family a bed, two saris, a table fan, as well as basic food items, like 40kgs rice and 50kgs wheat flour.

She is always concerned about poor people and wants to do best for her village in terms of education and basic facilities. She got sheds installed for school children in Lakhimpur Kheri and also started work to assimilate the marginalised Tharu tribe into society.

Her fight in the Supreme Court continued till 2013, thirty one years after her father’s death the final verdict was given pronouncing that the encounter was fake and described it as “Fake encounters are nothing but cold-blooded brutal murders by persons who are supposed to uphold the law,” and sentenced three policemen involved to death, and five others to imprisonment for life.

After the verdict was announced Kinjal had said…. I  am proud of my father who was an honest officer and my mother who proved to be a strong single parent and a stronger widow who stood up against the injustice done to her husband.

I was barely four and a half-months old when my father was murdered. I have no memories of him. But I remember how my mother Vibha continued her struggle for justice despite all odds till she succumbed to cancer in 2004. Had she been alive today, I am sure she would have lived the moment.

This was the day, Kinjal and Pranjal was waiting from past 31 years, undergoing constant humiliation, pain and sufferings. There relentless fight for their father though she barely remembered him showed the determination and strong attitude she had.

Aishwarya S


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