Lalu Prasad Yadav Levies Sensational Allegations on Nitish Kumar

Just a few minutes after Nitish Kumar announced his resignation as the Bihar chief minister, his partner in government, Lalu Prasad Yadav, held a sensational press conference levelling unbelievable charges on Nitish Kumar.
Nitish Kumar reasoned that he quit as the chief minister because he couldn’t move ahead with the alliance after the staggering corruption allegations on Tejashwi Yadav. He said he did so in the best interest of Bihar.
But Lalu wasn’t falling for any such explanations. In his press conference, he claimed that the reason why Nitish resigned was altogether different. He levelled charges of murder on Nitish, and said that he was an accused in an arms case as well.
Lalu claimed that Nitish had been charged under Section 302. He also said that the seriousness of the allegations against Nitish was so severe that he faces life imprisonment, maybe even death by hanging.
Lalu said that this case was still alive in the Patna court and Nitish knew about this. But he worked to suppress it. When he realized that the case would no more stay under wraps, Nitish resigned before he would be forced to resign by the people of Bihar. Nitish even accepted these charges in his affidavit to the Election Commission, is what Lalu said.
On the issue of his son Tejashwi Yadav, Lalu said that the JDU is not the police or the judge that Lalu will give explanations on the allegations against his son to its leadership. They will discuss it in public, and that JDU has no right to ask them for any explanations.
But the weirdest of all statements by Lalu was when he said he knew about these grave allegations against Nitish Kumar but had kept quiet. Clearly, even Lalu forged the alliance with Nitish for political power and not keeping the interests of the people of Bihar in mind.
Lalu further alleged that Nitish had a ‘setting’ with the BJP and that all this was pre-planned. He said Nitish even supported the BJP during demonetisation and surgical strikes, which is proof that Nitish was colluding with the BJP from before.
Before resigning, Nitish met with Lalu and said that he couldn’t go on with the alliance. Lalu says he advised Nitish to not quit.
Lalu made an appeal to all MLAs of JDU, RJD and Congress to get together an elect a new leader in place of Nitish Kumar. He said that being the largest party of the state, RJD has first right to form the government now.
Lalu didn’t stop here. He went on to question Prime Minister Modi’s role in all this. Prime Minister Modi had immediately sent out a tweet congratulating Nitish Kumar on parting ways with ‘corruption’. This was for Lalu a clear indication of how the prime minister was involved in all this.
Politics not only in Bihar but all over the nation has gotten very interesting. The BJP and JDU have the numbers to form the government in the state. Also, this almost finishes the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ that was touted to challenge Prime Minister Modi in 2019.