Lashkar e Taiba plans to expand its base by wooing Indian Muslims and their cause!

Couple days back, the the NIA arrested the imam Mohammad Samlam of a Mosque in Haryana which was found to have been funded by LeT terror group. The NIA which gather information, found that the Mosque was receiving huge amount of funds from terror organisation since a while which was being used for constructing Mosque and also helping the terror oraganisation recruit young boys from India.

The Imam’s arrest has lead to unearthing many hidden agenda of the Lashkar e Taiba which is trying to woo Indian Muslims by funding their causes in India. The NIA said that during the interrogation of the Imam, he said that the plan of LeT was to create a good will among the Muslim community in India and thereby expand their base. The idea of constructing a Mosque was to attract local Muslim population and then help them with some money eventually dragging them into terror activities in India, said the NIA officials.

This plan is generally referred to as Falah-e-Insaniyat which is followed in most of the countries to attract local population. The FeF which is the financial wing of the LeT is said to be handling this module. The other terror organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawa also follows the same protocol in Pakistan said the NIA. This group has set up relief camps in the flood affected areas of Pakistan pretending to help people and then ultimately use them for terror activities. The people who are mostly ignorant are brain washed and are made to give away their children for terror groups.

The same modus operandi is being implemented in India, where huge money is being pumped in through hawala route from Dubai and other countries and is used to support their cause. Mosque construction, charity work and helping poor has been here PR works which is an eye wash to escape people’s anger said the NIA. While small amount of money is used for charity work, majority of the money goes in buying ammunition, recruiting and training terrorists.

The NIA said during investigation, they seized money of Rs 1.5 crore, laptops, mobile phone and files regarding recruitment and future plans in India. It was found that Samlam had also visited Dubai and met FeF chief who had agreed to fund money to him which was being distributed for terror activities. Many other Mosques in the country are also said to have received money from terror organisation.

Now it is pretty clear that who is funding the construction of Mosques and why exactly most of the minority community remain mum when it comes to punishing terrorists and hide behind human rights tag. It is a shame that those people who take all benefits from our country are supporting terrorists who want to destroy India and imprint Islam rule.

Credit and Source: Vicky Nanjappa


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