Last year train accidents in UP before elections, now major accident averted in poll bound Gujarat, deliberate sabotage?

Without doubt one would now feel train accidents which are been happening since a year are not mere accidents but a well planned sabotage caused by few people to reap some political benefits!

Not once, not twice or thrice but this is the fourth time a major train accident has been averted in past 10 months. Just before UP elections there were 3 train accidents. The investigations had revealed that fish plates were removed and tracks were cut which showed train accidents were an act of sabotage by some miscreants. The police had found involvement of local people and FIR was filed under section 337, 338 and 427 of IPC act.

Now, another massive train accident has been averted in Kandari village in Karjan tehsil, Gujarat. The driver of goods train informed and alerted the police about huge concrete blocks been placed on railway tracks. The concrete blocks were placed by unidentified persons on tracks on both up and down routes near Kandari village. At around 7:40 pm, the train hit some stones and the driver felt a strong jerk and the stones broke into pieces, said senior divisional security commissioner, Vadodara (Western Railway), Hemant Kumar.

When the railway officials arrived at the site, they found six hexagonal concrete blocks placed on both tracks. The placing was so perfect with three each on the two tracks. The Sub inspector of Kandari village Kumar said blocks were placed with a malafide intention to cause major train accident. He said the concrete blocks were possibly carried to the tracks from a nearby railway gate, which was unmanned after 7 pm.

The police registered the case and are probing the matter. This is definitely a shocking incident since it clearly shows train accidents are being caused deliberately by some miscreants.

What is to be noted here is, these accidents are taking place especially in poll bound states and some people are definitely reaping political benefits. Last year, similar pattern was observed in poll bound Uttar Pradesh when the state witnessed more than 3-4 accidents in a span of 5 months. The accidents were planned exactly on those days when PM Modi was to address rally in UP.

Take a look!

Indore Patna express derailed on 20th November 2016, same day when PM Modi addressed rally in Agra. Sealdah-Ajmer Express derailed on 28th December 2016, 2 days before PM Modi announced his rally on 31st December. Kanpur-Mandhana sabotage on 1st January 2017, one day before PM Modi rally in Lucknow. Are these mere co-incidence during election season?!

Now, just before Gujarat goes for Assembly polls, same story is being reported. Placing 6 concrete blocks, 3 each on 2 tracks is definitely not an act of negligence but a planned act. Last year, the railway authorities and the police had given statement that they suspected terror act in train derailment and arrested many people in relation to Kanpur Mandhana sabotage.

Looks like these accidents are being planned to discredit the Modi government and the Railway minister. A thorough investigation must be conducted to know the real reason behind sudden increase in train accidents in poll bound states.

Aishwarya S