Law & Order Worsens as Bengal Registers Most Cases of Domestic Violence

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), West Bengal tops the list of domestic violence incidents in the country. The report for 2016 puts West Bengal on the top of the list followed by Uttar Pradesh.

Over 34,205 cases of crime against women were reported in Mamata Banerjee’s state during 2016. Of these 59% or 20,265 were cases of domestic violence. This figure may rise as the final report of NCRB is expected to be released by the end of this year.

A total of 21,619 people were arrested or involved in domestic violence. The cases were mostly of wife beating, demand of dowry, and instigation to commit suicide.

Women rights activist Khadija Banu claims that the situation is more grave in lower-middleclass families.

“Though projects like Kanyasree has helped girl children in our state, still a huge part is still under darkness. We are facing this at every step in the district level,” Khadija said.

We have seen in recent times how communal incidents have increased both in number and magnitude in the state. From the Malda riots to the Basirhat riots – West Bengal has become a tinderbox of communal incidents under Mamata Banerjee.

This is seen to be a result of minority-appeasement by Mamata Banerjee. This minority appeasement isn’t restricted to her government favouring Muslims, but it extends to ensuring that illegal Bangladeshi immigrants live in her state and are given benefits that only Indian residents deserve.

The latest episode of violence in Mamata Banerjee’s regime involves the protests by Gorkhas for a separate state. Some innocent Gorkhas were even fired at by her police while Mamata did her best to censor the media.

Compare this with the Malda riots in 2016 when tens of thousands of Muslims gathered to demand the hanging of Kamlesh Tiwari for his comment on Prophet Muhammed. When the BSF confronted the protesters, the mob vandalized Kaliachak Police station, block development office and public property injuring 30 policemen. Several private and government vehicles including BSF and North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC) vehicles were also torched. It was also reported that many temples were vandalised. As a result, Hindu-Muslim riots broke out.

The police did fire 40 rounds in the blank in an attempt but the one injured was an RSS activist Gopal Tiwari.Ten members of a BJP delegation led by Samik Bhattacharya were stopped and arrested near Rathbari. A three member fact finding team of BJP led by MP SS Ahluwalia was also deported from the Malda station. Only a handful of arrests were made in such a serious case of riots.

Clearly, Mamata’s law and order depends on the religion of the culprit. She will never do anything to displease the minorities even if it means the majority living under fear of not getting justice.

Vinayak Jain