“Learn from Uttar Pradesh” Here’s why High Court of Punjab and Haryana said this to both states

In a proud moment for CM Yogi Adityanath, his style of dealing with criminals has been praised by High Court of Punjab and Haryana. During hearing one of the cases the court reminded both the states Punjab and Haryana to take control on the increasing Goondaism from the state and also told them to learn something from Yogi Adityanath style of Governance. The court praised the way Yogi Government has maintained law and order in Uttar Pradesh. The court has also advised both states to draft the laws in the same way as done by Yogi Government

This is a burnol moment for all Yogi haters. When Yogi Adityanath became CM of Uttar Pradesh some people were sceptic about the appointment of Yogi as a Chief Minister of UP. They thought this is a blunder by PM Modi and BJP. It is not easy to govern UP given its geographical spread and a huge population of 200 million. But Yogi has slapped such people quite hard and proved them all wrong and is doing much better in UP. Infact he has set an example for others also.

The transformation that started under Yogi Adityanath didn’t include any full stops and is continually on the road to progress. Not only in one area, In each and every sphere from “gundaraaj to raamraaj” from “kaamchor to workaholic” from “undeveloped” to “developed”, Uttar Pradesh has turned into “Uttam Pradesh”

Yogi Government took the charges of Uttar Pradesh in March 2017 and in just 10 months; the Human Right Commission has served the Yogi Government with 9 notices. But the government hasn’t stopped from being aggressive against the criminals who violate the peace in the society. 3 ambushes between police personnel and criminals are taking place every day in Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh.

Yogi Adityanath has always made it clear that his state has zero tolerance policy for criminals. Even after being served with the notice he has maintained his stand that encounters are happening and will happen but will not let “ Goondaism” prosper in the state. High Court is right in saying that other states should learn from Uttar Pradesh