Left wing students of Government Brennen college, Kerala publish cartoons insulting National anthem and National Flag!

The name of this state is being heard for all the wrong reason in the recent past. Just couple weeks back, we saw a brutal incident cow slaughter event in Kerala which showed the cruel face of few political parties. We have been hearing news on endless murders of BJP and RSS workers, cases of Muslim attack on High court judges which shook the entire country.

But now, there is a disgusting act by Brennen College students who have published objectionable pictures insulting the National Anthem and National Flag. The pictures were published in a college magazine called “pellet.” The cartoons were reportedly drawn by SFI (Student Federation of India) students, the student wing of the left party.

The cartoons depicted a picture of a man and women having sex behind the seats in a theater while the National Anthem is being played and a penis shaped TV remote that is tied to a hand with a RSS flag. The other cartoon was a picture of a nude female and a man in her pubic area. The magazine had a cover picture of a person hit by pellet gun opposing Army’s action against separatists in Kashmir.

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The ABVP student wing found the objectionable pictures and immediately launched a complaint to the management after which the 2 pages in the magazine was retrieved. The Supreme Court had passed an order to play National Anthem compulsory in cinema halls before the commencement of every movie. But this move was widely opposed by left parties and many people from Congress.

The entire objective of these cartoon was to mock the Nationalism debate and the Indian army in Kashmir. It is no surprise that such cartoons were designed by Left students whose idea is always been against National interest. Surprisingly, the chief editor of the magazine is none other than the Principal of the college which shows the cartoons was published with the permission of the Principal. It is a matter of disgrace that Kerala is now turning out to be a hub for anti National activities like JNU. It is unlikely that Kerala government will take any actions against these people as the party itself supports anti National stand.

Vijin, SFI State Secretary defended the cartoons and said “There is nothing anti-national in the magazine, nothing at all.” The college has not taken down the objectionable writing in the magazine and claimed that they were only opposing the BJP in their pictures.

But the question is, how is depicting couples having sex while National Anthem being played in opposing BJP? How is making a cartoon of nude women with a man in her pubic area opposing ideologies of BJP and RSS??

This is nothing but an attempt to provoke few sections of people and insult the Patriotic values in the country.

Aishwarya S