Let’s blame Modi later, first will Rahul Gandhi dare to speak about 10 years history on fuel price?

The Congress had yesterday called for a nation wide bandh against fuel price hike. Although the bandh was only partially successful, the Congress goons forcibly closed down shops, attacked private vehicles threatening people against working. Shamelessly they attacked school bus and are now claiming they fight for people’s rights.

Rahul Gandhi is on cloud 9 to utilize this opportunity to target PM Modi. But before we blame Modi who is PM for 4.5 years, let us take a look at the history of 10 years of Congress rule and how much exactly did the fuel price rise under the Congress government which was directly controlled by Maa-Beta!

Let us not just consider the 10 years of Manmohan Singh and Maa-Beta Sarkar, but let us go back to Vajpayee era and check how there was rise in fuel prices.

It was in the year 1999, AB Vajpayee government came to power. Now check the rates at that point of time and what was the overall increase in his 5 years rule!

In a span of 5 years, the Vajpayee government raised an over all price of Rs 12. The petrol price which was at 23.8 in 1999, was 35.71 in 2004.

Next started the Congress government…The petrol price which was Rs 35 in 2004, suddenly increased to 43 within a year. That is a whooping Rs 8 increase in price.

Over all in the first tenure of Congress government from 2004-2009, the petrol prices increased from Rs 35 to Rs 45. That is a total of Rs 13 increase in the cost.

After the Congress won for the second time in 2009, there started the entire loot process which took the fuel price to unimaginable extent.The petrol price which was Rs 45 in 2009, increased to a whooping Rs 72 in a span of 5 years under Congress government. It was not just the price rise, but the Congress government which was caught in massive corruption had submitted oil bonds for future dates which had further strained the Indian markets with growing interest rates.

In 5 years, the petrol prices increased by Rs 30, which was first time in history.

Now, let us come to Modi government era. When Modi government took over in 2014, the economy was was in a mess, the corruption was at its peak, the foreign investment had fallen, the entire country had lost hope. But Modi who took up this herculean task, in a span of 4 years he rectified huge mess and brought economy on track. The rupee is stable and the GDP has reached over 7.0 and picking up.

Modi government has also repaid a massive 2 Lakh crore Oil bonds which were piled up by Congress government.

Coming to fuel price under Modi government, the over all increase has been Rs 10 in 4.5 years and which is least in past 15 years.  The sudden increase has only been in the recent months after fall in the price for 2-3 years. Obviously, the prices will have to be brought down by Modi government and they cannot escape.

But the bottom line here is while common people have every right to demand cut in fuel price, neither Rahul Gandhi nor Congress have the slightest morality to hold protests against Modi government as they are the main reason for this mess.

Now, the Modi government is already working towards bringing the fuel price under GST which will bring down the cost Rs10-15 down. The Devendra Fadnavis government in Maharashtra and Rajasthan government has already cut down state tax which will reduce the fuel price big time in those states.

But the Congress which rants nonsense, has not cut a single rupee in Karnataka nor any of its ruling states. This is their real face!

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