Let’s not implement Hindi, as B R Ambedkar said can we make Sanskrit National language?

Since few days, there has been a debate on social media where people complained about forcible implementation of Hindi in many south Indian states. It all started when Hindi boards were seen on National highways and in metro stations in Bangalore.

Few groups wanted only Kannada and English boards and not Hindi on the National Highway boards. Their argument was today Hindi is in the third spot, in another 10 years, it will occupy first place and the Kannada will have no place in Karnataka .But what they forgot is, the Kannada language was in the first place displayed proudly in all metro stations. Their argument would have been meaning full if the government had removed Kannada boards and displayed only Hindi and English boards.

If Kannada language had to vanish in another 10 years, it should have happened by now, since all central governments boards have Hindi boards along with Kannada and English language since more than 2 decades.

Kannada language or any state language cannot be made irrelevant, just because Hindi boards are displayed. It is our mother tongue and it exists in our blood! But many people who are creating an issue about Hindi boards get active only before elections. This is nothing more than a political strategy to divide North and South India in the name of language. These people are only against another Indian language and not against an International language English. They say that English is the work language, it gives us food and salary. They also say that English boards in Metro and Railway stations will help foreign travellers and it would not hurt Kannada.

But do these people forget that more than foreigners our railway stations have people from other states from our own country. They claim that Hindi is a threat to regional language, but do they know because of implementation of English in all schools, 200 Kannada medium schools had to be shut down?! Today government Kannada teachers are losing jobs because of English implementation. But these political oriented people have no problem about this. Why don’t they oppose the implementation of English which is killing our native language.

If people say English must be used in working place to survive, then the question is how are most developed countries like China, Korea, Japan, France are managing with their native languages? Few years back, the government wanted to implement Arabic language in primary education, why didn’t these people oppose the move then?

When someone forces us to speak in Hindi in any State institution or bank or do not provide service in Kannada or any local language…yes we have every right to oppose. But why to create divide over a non issue between our own people?

Many political parties lure these people with money and utilize them for their benefit. But once the elections are over, no people will bother about any language.

Okay, let us not implement Hindi, since all these people respect Dr B R Amberdkar a lot, let us consider his advice of making Sanskrit as the National language! Will they all agree?

To unite India, to unite people of all caste and religion we need common language, to make that happen, we need to use a language which is the mother of all language that is Sanskrit….These words are not mine, but was made by Dr B R Ambedkar.

If you take a look at the Newspapers Statesman, National Herald, Hindustan Standard published on 10 September 1949, you will see these words of Ambedkar during debates on National language.

He had stated that using Sanskrit will not only unite dalits, Brahmins, and all caste and will help us understand the culture of our country. In this sense, he demanded the implementation of Sanskrit language while English can be just a business language for a period of 15 years. Later English language can be slowly removed and we can use Sanskrit for all business activities said Ambedkar.

But today we want Ambedkar’s name just for strikes and protest, when it comes to real implementation of his ideas he is heard nowhere. This is the real respect our people give to this great man! So it is better we do not dance to the tune of political gimmicks and think logically what is right and wrong.

No language, no culture can be stolen by anyone when we believe and realise the strength of it. So lets not divide our nation in the name of languages to help few politicians gain money and power.

Original article in Kannada by Rohit Chakratheertha.

Aishwarya S