Let’s take Modi out with sniper rifle!!! Whatsapp chat reveals plan to assassinate PM Modi

Have you ever wondered why liberals, pseudo seculars, paid media and opposition all hate PM Narendra Modi to such an extent that is undefined? Ofcourse, It is because PM Modi is the man who has put all their corrupt practices to end and now they are not able to loot the nation. PM Modi is the man who has given them sleepless nights and is serving the nation well by doing good for it which is not being digested by any of them. That’s why these all people, this Anti-Modi Brigade is always on one mission i.e to target PM Modi. Not only they want to target PM Modi verbally but their real desire is to kill the PM Modi.

Plans are always being hatched to assassinate PM Modi by these forces. Yet another such plot hatched against him has been revealed by the charge sheet filed by the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) against two suspected ISIS operatives last month.

The charge sheet was filed before the chief judicial magistrate at Ankleshwar in Bharuch district and both the suspects  Stimberwala and Mirza were arrested last October. Stimberwala worked as a laboratory technician at a hospital in Ankleshwar while Mirza was a practising lawyer at the Surat district court but both were deeply influenced by the Jihadi ideology. Both have been charged under IPC sections 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 121-A (sedition) and 125 (waging war against any Asiatic power in alliance with India), apart from the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

Abdullah el-Faisal, a radical preacher based in Jamaica, and suspected ISIS handler Shafi Armar have also been shown as absconding accused in the charge sheet. According to ATS Stimberwala and Mirza, both were having connections with Abdullah el-Faisal and Shafi Armar and the whole group was planning to attack Jews in India. They conducted research for what group they have to target and were planning to send radicalised youths outside India to take part in terrorist acts, the charge sheet said.

The charge sheet has revealed one of their bigger conspiracy was to kill PM Modi. The associate of one of the two arrested men was having a conversation to kill PM Modi.

According to what’s app chat interpreted by the investigative authorities of Mirza with one of his associates whose real name is not known but referred to as Ferrari, they were talking about buying pistols. When they were talking about Russian made guns Mirza deeply expressed his interest in getting the gun. In between their conversation of getting pistols they also revealed that they want to kill PM Modi as there is a saying by Ferrari  “Yeah let’s take Modi out with a sniper rifle Insha-Allah,” as pointed out from a conversation cited in the charge sheet.

It has been also found from another chat that Ferrari was telling Mirza that instead of buying guns we can also resort to other means for targeting people such as machetes and big chopping knives. Actually, as per their conversation, it was found that this was the instruction given by ISIS to all its modules and lone-wolf attackers in India.

According to an ATS official, the process is underway to find all such attackers including ‘Ferrari’, and nobody associated with this matter will be spared.

This is not the first time it has come to the forefront that Anti-Modi forces always have an eye on killing the Pradhan Sewak of our nation. They have always indulged in such practices. God bless our Prime Minister who is working day and night for the nation with long life to shatter all these corrupts.