Let”™s take a moment and say JAI HIND!

Seventy long years have passed…India evolved in many different ways since then. Generations changed, mindset changed, thinking changed, ways of life changed. There was a time when freedom fighters were worshiped by our people, when Nationalism was regarded as biggest motto and principle of life. But as days past many heroes of our country were forgotten, ignored and neglected.  Young generations did not consider patriotism and love for country was very important. But they should realize that those life stories of great men are the inspiration which helps us fight all odds and move forward in life. The commitment, dedication and fearless attitude always remain an example for our future.

Let Independence Day celebrations not be just a photo-op but a meaningful symbol that can inspire the future generations.

We may see differences, we may argue over issues but when it comes to Nation we are all one and would remain one. No amount of difference can ever break this great Nation. The soul of our county is the diversity. Let’s enjoy the pride of being an Indian, A wonderfully weird country which can be found nowhere in the world!

Aishwarya S