LIE like Dhruv Rathee! Notorious fake news peddler Dhruv Rathee lies that PM Modi sold 170,000 hectares to Adani Group; Plays victim card when gets caught

Noted fake news peddler Dhruv Rathee from the left-leaning brigade has been caught spreading fake news once again. As this is the election season, Indians had anticipated fake news from the anti-Modi brigade. In one such attempt, darling of the fake news peddlers Dhruv Rathee said that PM Modi had sold off 1,70,000 hectares to the business tycoon Adani.

His tweet stated “Congrats Bhakton! Modi just sold off 170,000 hectares of most dense forests in India to Adani! Env. Ministry gave clearance for coal mining in Hasdeo forests to a subsidiary of Adani Enterprise. In 2009, Env. Ministry had made these forests a No-G0 Zone for their richness”.

This was the classic example of how Dhruv Rathee spreads fake news during election times. This was immediately called out by Adani Group that stated “The Adani Group strongly objects factually incorrect and malicious claims made by you. We have not acquired the referred piece of land nor has the government sold it to us. We do not own any mine in Chhattisgarh. We urge you to withdraw the fake news to avoid legal consequences”.

Spooked by the response from Adani group, Dhruv Rathee immediately deleted his tweet. This furthered strengthen the claim that Dhruv Rathee tried to involve in a hit and run job. In reality, it was Dhruv Rathee’s UPA government which allowed mining in that area. And another fact is that Adani group do not own any mines in Chhattisgarh.

What was hilarious was that when Dhruv Rathee was caught spreading fake news by Adani Group, he started to play the victim card saying “I deleted my previous tweet because Adani Group is threatening me with a defamation case. But I hope awareness has been raised on this critical issue. One of the densest forests in India will be cleared up for mining coal in Chhattisgarh. And Modi Govt gave permission for this”.

Indians should be aware of fake news peddlers like Dhruv Rathee who sit in foreign nations and provoke the voters when election is just days away.

Hansika Raj


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