Why Life Will Never be Same for Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants in India Now?

Starting with Assam, the Government of India is beginning the process to deport illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from the country. The unaccounted migration of almost 2 crore Bangladeshi immigrants has taken place over decades primarily in the states of Assam, West Bengal, & even Delhi.

Government officials are registering all such immigrants in Assam. Assam shares a long boundary with Bangladesh & because of the lack of a properly constructed & manned wall/fence/boundary between the two movement of people from Bangladesh into the state has always been easy. The wetlands are conveniently crossed by boat. Even though the Indian Army is positioned on the border shared with Bangladesh, majority of the army is placed on the Indo-Pakistan border which means immigration to India was easy.

The registration & deportation effort is known as ‘detect-delete-deport’. Although this process has begun & is being giving priority, there will be problems as some immigrants have false identity papers & have even voted. “As soon as they arrive, their priority is to enter their names into the voter list somehow. They forge all kinds of documents & pay bribes for this,” an Indian judicial official confirmed.

Also, India & Bangladesh have no official treaty outlining repatriation processes. But for the first time ever, the Bangladeshi government had accepted 10 deported citizens in early November.

Who’s responsible?

  • These immigrants can’t be blamed as they cross-over in search for a better life, but the ones responsible are the state governments.
  • Previous Congress government in Assam & reigning Mamata Banerjee government in West Bengal are hugely responsible for assisting these immigrants.
  • These immigrants form solid vote-banks for these politicians & hence they’ve never taken any action against them.
  • Even Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal enjoys huge support of the Bangladeshi Muslims in Delhi, & without a doubt this move wouldn’t go down well with him either.

Benefits of Deportation

  • Rising illegal Muslim population results in shrinking Hindu imprint. This is especially true for Assam. This will stop because of the deportation.
  • “The Hindu rate of population growth is declining. But the Muslim rate is rising. Most of the Muslims here are from Bangladesh. If this continues, the Assamese Hindus will become a minority soon – we will lose our language, our culture, our identity,” Assam’s finance minister told The Washington Post. The culture of Assamese Hindus will be preserved.
  • Crimes – including riots – against Hindus have been very high in Assam & West Bengal as these immigrants enjoy support from state leaders. This will see a massive downfall in such crimes.
  • Destruction of Hindu culture & identity will cease.
  • Only Indians – irrespective of religion – will get government benefits unlike now when they were distributed amongst these illegal immigrants as well.

    Vinayak Jain