Like 26/11, why didn’t any terrorist organization enter into India and carry out attack after May 2014?

From the time India has got its Independence, its enemy countries Pakistan and China, ever since then has had its eyes on India and ruining its peace. Pakistan inspired Islamic Terrorists have been attacking India, on the other hand Communist China has been funding the Naxalite residing in India in order to harm Indian nation.

The time when UPA government was ruling under Congress, the terrorist’sactivities was at peak. And now after PM Modi has taken his position, if we compare both these times, you need to make a conclusion of the fact whether Modi government has protected the nation or destroyed it within India?

For this we need to make a comparison of the Incidents took place in India between the times of 2004-2014:

2005: July 5th, Lord Rama’s birthplace Ayodhya, Pakistan’s terrorist association “LashkareTaiba” which came to India through Nepal. Pretending as Lord Rama’s devotees at Ayodhya, they made a “Grenade” attack at Faizabadh. Later, CRPE Soldiers succeeded in stopping the terrorist’s activities and killed 5 of them.

2005: July 28th, “Sramajivi” passenger train which left from Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh to Delhi was yet again on target. It was blasted using RDX killing 13 passengers and 58 were severally injured.

2005: October 29th, during the celebration of Diwali, Hindu, Jain and the Sikh were the targets. Terrorists had blasted bombs at three places in Delhi. This again killed 62 people and 200 were injured.

2006: March 7th, Targeting Hindu’s at Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh, here the “Lashkar –e –Taiba” terrorist association had planned blasts at ‘sankat vimochan mandir’ and Varanasi Cantonment. This brutal killing had yet again swallowed 28 deaths and 110 of them were injured badly.

2006: September 8th, Malegaon of Maharashtra, were the illegal terrorist association “SIMI” had conducted a bomb blast. This had injured 125 and killed 37 people in it.

In order to prove that there also exits Hindu terrorists associations apart from the Islamic terrorism activities. After they had Congress party pressurized them, they had involved “AbhinavBharath” (a Hindu association)into this incident.

2007:Febraury 18th, this time the target was “Samjhauta” train which travels Delhi to Lahore at Pakistan twice in a week, in the eyes of “Lashkar-e-Taiba”.

In this blast 68 people were killed and 50 people were injured.

2007: August 15th, Hyderabad Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat Bhandar was in the target list this time. This time it was “Harkat-ul-jihad” to plan the blasts, killing 42 innocent people and 50 members injured.

2007: October 11th, bomb blasts was at Rajasthan’s well-known “Ajmer SharifDargah”. This time only 2 were killed and 17 were injured as it was outside the Dargah.

2007: May 18th, “Harkat-ul-jihad” had conducted the bomb blast at the “Mecca Masjid” near Hyderabad Charminar, were 15 people were killed and 100 people were injured.

2007: November 24th, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi and Faizabad constant bomb blasts had taken place at these places one after the other. This was by two of the terrorists groups “Harkat-ul-jihad” and “Indian mujahidin”.18 people were killed , 80 were injured.

2008: CRPE camp held at Rampur in Uttar Pradesh was attacked by “Lashkar-e-Taiba”, the Islamic Terrorists.

2008: May 13th, Kafir Hindu’s who were not ready to accept Islamism in Jaipur, Rajasthan, was killed in bomb blasts. 80 innocent people were killed in this incident.

2008: July 25th, 9 locations of the capital city, Bangalore were targeted by “SIMI” association. This killed 2 people with 20 being injured.

2008: July 28th, 21 blasts took place at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 56 killed and 200 severally injured. “Harkat-ul-jihad” and “Lashkar-e-Taiba” had admitted that it was done by them.

2008: 26/11 Mumbai Blasts, Western India Bombings, Delhi bomb blasts, Agartala, Imphal, Guwahati and Assam.

2009: Guwahati and Assam bomb blasts.

2010: Pune and Varanasi blasts.

2011: Mumbai and Delhi Terrorists Attacks.

2012: Israel inmates in India were attacked, Pune bomb blasts.

2013: Hyderabad- Bangalore and Darbah bomb blasts. Blast at Bodhgaya at Bihar and bomb blast in Patna.

2014: Before the Modi government could come into rule, Jharkhand blasts, Budgam and Chennai blasts.

According to the records of Government, there have been a total of “4566” terrorists attacks taken place within India from the period of 2004 to 2014. (108+145+167+149+516+673+643+611+694+860)

About 10,000 people have lost their lives in the above incidents. But, after Modi started his government, there has been a complete break to all such terrorists’ activities that was taking place. Apart from, Chhattisgarh and Kashmir. The Modi government has been successful in restricting these illegal terrorists from entering the Indian border.

The most brutal attacks such as 26/11 Mumbai blasts and Sansat attacks which we have witnessed have completely come under the control. The terrorists, who had tried to enter Kashmir through Air ways, had been fought bravely and encountered by our soldiers at the spot.

The people, who have been questioning our PM Modi’s foreign visits and his meetings with the other nations, need to witness the list of attacks mentioned above and I hope they may find their answer. Or do they still want the so-called Congress party to rule over India?

I want to clear it here that Modi has not been going for Foreign trips to his personal leisure time or for an outing with his family but he meets the Presidents , Army generals and the Intelligence bureau of other nations. In order to make, Indian Administration stronger.

“Due to all these struggles and hard work of PM Modi, Pakistan has stood naked in front of the whole world and China is anyhow in a pathetic condition”

Where UPA government had made way to the terrorist associations to India, Modiji has closed this way to them.

I would wish to remind those people who blame Modiji for his decision of “Demonetization was wrong” and he made them struggle for days due to this, do you people know that the decision has reduced terrorist’s attacks on Kashmir now!!

Also many of the terrorist have surrendered themselves after the note ban decision, which the so-called Congress and the Secular parties are unaware of it.

At the end, Modi has stood as a strong wall to protect India from the brutal attacks of the Islamic terrorists. It is indeed a relief to the Indian citizens.

Now India is heading towards prosperous projects such as Make in India, Swach Barat, Bullet Train, GDP, Black money curbs,IT raids on corrupt officials, self-dependent occupation to women. And the 18,000 backward villages that had never seen electricity since Independence are living a peaceful life now. Crores of families have got Gas connections. Cashless economy is building up.

This is literally “Acche Din” for India.

India has got an eminent leader in true terms now. Before criticizing him for every work, please make sure what contributions he has made for India and do appreciate his self-less work.

Shiki Shetty