Like the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty, meet this Dynasty that helped Pakistan; Stone pelters are the contribution of this Dynasty

Indians are well aware of the term “dynasty politics”. When this name is heard, at first Indians remember Nehru family. Till date, Indians are still watching this dynasty, performing its nonsense show. But there is another dynasty which has ruined an entire state and that is Kashmir’s “Abdullah Dynasty”. One cannot ignore the fact that present day Kashmir (stone pelters) is their contribution.

The founder of this dynasty, Sheik Abdullah was born in 1905 in Soura, village near Srinagar. His father was Sheik Ibrahim, who was a middle-class trader in shawls. He passed away after eleven days of Abdullah’s birth. Sheik Abdullah’s father was the descendant of a Hindu convert named Ragho Ram Koul, a Kashmiri Pandit. Even though Sheik Abdullah’s family was poverty struck, he not only completed B.SC from Lahore but even completed M.SC from Aligarh Muslim University in 1930.

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Abdullah started his political career by forming the “Muslim Conference” in 1931 and started to revolt against the Hindu Ruler Hari Singh, demanding rights for Muslims. It was clear that he was communal minded but to divert peoples’ attention, he included few Hindus in his party. Nehru had extreme love towards Sheik Abdullah, so he advised to change the name of Muslim Conference to National Conference. This was done in 1931 and the party is still involved in active politics.

In 1933, Sheikh married a young lady named Akbar Jahan. Her father was a European and mother was a Kashmiri Muslim. Sheikh, whose ancestors were of Hindu origin got the opportunity to rule Kashmir by the grace of Nehru. So the Hindu ruler, Hari Singh was totally sidelined by these. Raja Hari Singh was humiliated by these gradually. He was even exiled so that he won’t be able to meet the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sheikh Abdullah didn’t have patriotism towards India and this was well assessed by Sardar Patel and other leaders. But Nehru’s love towards Sheikh didn’t anyone to act tough against Sheikh. Everyone knew that Sheikh had all qualities that will create communal unrest in the valley.

But in 1953, Sheikh secretly planned to join Pakistan but Nehru was forced to act on this, by others. As a result, Sheikh was jailed for 11 year till 1964. Sheikh died in 1982, he had even served as the Chief Minister of J&K for several years. He enjoyed all the benefits from the government but was never loyal to India.

Dr Farooq Abdullah, son of Sheikh Abdullah was born in the year 1937. He was a medical doctor and he married a nurse who was a British, her name was Molly.   As this is a story of Dynasty politics, Sheikh got the throne after his father expired but was apparent that he was not qualified for this. He was the CM of J&K for many years and he too contributed for the destruction of Hindus in Kashmir. During his tenure, thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were killed and the culprits are still roaming free. Parties, cinema, cars, golf are the areas of his interest but governance was never provided by him.

The Dynasty politics further continues and now it’s the turn of Omar Abdullah, who is the son of Farooq Abdullah. Mr Omar was born in the year 1970 and did his B.Com from Mumbai. In the year 1994, he married a Hindu girl named Payal Nath, the daughter of an Army Officer. His younger sister Sarah Abdullah is married to Sachin Pilot, son of Rajesh Pilot.

Mr Omar became a MP in the year 1998 and also joined the Union Ministry in the year 1999. But after 17 years of married life, Omar decided to divorce his wife Payal, they have two sons. He had even visited Pakistan and met Parvez Musharaf which made the Indian government angry. He is popular for planning family trip in Government’s fund. He had even used helicopter for his trips and the bill of which was never reimbursed.

India didn’t develop in the way it should have been developed after independence due to the summersault done by the Nehru dynasty. Kashmir is creating a huge problem to India’s security even though Indian government never sidelined the valley. These two dynasties have done major damages to India than any other foreign rulers who invaded India.

Today, the Kashmir unrest is due to Nehru who allowed Sheikh Abdullah to be the Prime Minister of J&K by sidelining Raja Hari Singh. It is disheartening to see that still crores of Indians are supporting these two dynasties whose ultimate aim is to enjoy; at the cost of nation’s destruction.

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Nishika Ram