What is the link between Indira Gandhi’s death and Cow slaughter? Why did Indira and Rajiv Gandhi die on “Gopashtami”?

This is a story of betrayal, curse by a Swami Ji and a series of deaths which occurred due to that curse. After reading this, you will say that god does exist.

When you are in India, be like an Indian. One should not just beg for the votes of the Indians but also respect the opinion of the voters. Congress always hurt Hindu sentiments and thought that the people will forget it. To some extent people forgot but the divine power did not forget and forgive.

Indira Gandhi ran across many holy places to ensure her victory in the elections but it was hard for her. Finally she went to seek the guidelines and blessing from Swami Karpatri and Acharya Vinobha Bhave. Swami Karpatri said that Indira will emerge victorious in the elections but she has to ban cow slaughter after she is victorious. Indira agreed for this. Those were the days when 15,000 cows were killed every day.

But for Congress, promises must be broken so Indira Gandhi didn’t enforce the ban on cow slaughter. Acharya Vinobha Bhave and Swami Karpatri Ji reminded Indira Gandhi several times to ban cow slaughter but she paid no heed. Cow slaughter went on as usual.

So Swami Karpatri decided to lead a protest towards the parliament along with thousands of his followers. But the unarmed men were killed by the Indira Gandhi government during the protest. Protestors’ mistake was that they just wanted to avoid their mother (Gomatha) from being slaughtered but Indira killed the devotees too. As per reports it is said that 375 devotees were killed but the eye witness say that around 5000 devotees were brutally killed.

The curse which haunted the Indira family

Swami Karpatri was shattered by looking at the dead bodies of his followers. So he gave a curse saying that Indira Gandhi will also face the similar fate. And if you hear the day on which Indira Gandhi died, you’ll be shocked. Yes, it was on Gopashtami.

“The festival of Gopashtami is dedicated to worship of Cow and lord Krishna. It is celebrated every year on Ashtami Tithi during Kartik Shukla Paksha. Gopa means cow or a cowherd boy and Astami means 8th day.”

Now those who call this as a coincidence, there is another shocking incident to all of them. The day on which Rajiv Gandhi died was also on Gopashtami.

Nishika Ram