What is the link between Mahesh Bhat’s son and Mumbai attack master mind, David Headley?

Rahul Bhatt son of Mahesh Bhatt, became friend of David Headley, David warned him not to visit South Mumbai on 26/11 and Mahesh blamed RSS

Mahesh Bhatt knew of the Mumbai attacks in advance, yet chose to keep quiet and then blame RSS!

We’ve all been witness to the way Bollywood functions in India, in mysterious ways, funded by and answerable to mysterious entities. Under the highly vague and inapplicable claim that ‘Art knows no boundaries’, Bollywood has created and defended controversies, evoked Indians against each other and has encouraged crimes that never came to the fore.

Of course, this is not a generalized accusation, but a confident and backed one at that. When the country remembered and respected the martyrs of the 26 November 2018 Mumbai attacks recently, there were yet again a few revelations made regarding the attack that raise a lot of eyebrows.

David Coleman Headley, the mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks of 2008 is an American terrorist of Pakistan origin, was interrogated and pleaded guilty in association to the Mumbai attacks issue. However, even though it were the outsiders who plotted an attack over India and created an in-compensable havoc, it were the insiders who let it happen.

A revelation was made that Rahul Bhatt, actor from Bollywood and the son of director Mahesh Bhatt was a friend of the same David Headley. There are evidences that state Headley had informed Rahul Bhatt to keep away from the attacked locations on the prescribed date. Well, being so well informed, the Bhatt family only chose to keep itself safe and not even utter a word to the security forces of the country.

This is not the only instance of Bollywood connecting with the underworld. There have been ample times when movies were made with agendas that incite people against each other and even evoke social unrest. Why else then, would the socially aware film makers of Bollywood advocate hiring Pakistani actors, making agenda based movies like Padmavati and more that offend a set of Indians and upset the social harmony?

There have been plenty of evidences that surfaced with regard to the actors’ and film makers’ association with the underworld. To mention a few, Sanjay Dutt in regard to the Mumbai blasts of 1993, Arjun Rampal in association with Arun Gawali, Farhan Akthar and Salman Khan in association with Dawood, Shahrukh Khan and Chhota Shakeel, and so many more. The connection between Bollywood and the underworld became a strong link owing to factors such as funding of movies, casting couch, launching of connections of the men involved in the underworld, etc. Mahesh Bhatt, for that matter, had once openly stated “There’s hardly anybody in the film industry who has not been contacted by the mafia.” Who needs more evidence than that?

There was also a Wikileaks cable that validated the claims that Bollywood was linked to the underworld and mafia. Most film makers and actors don’t even make an effort to hide the fact, and are seen openly partying and leading luxurious lives with the country’s most wanted criminals. Regardless of whether they want it or not, Bollywood is controlled by these men who rule the underworld and the film makers are pushed into the turmoil.

The major concern here is, when Mahesh Bhatt and his family knew very well about the Mumbai attacks and the masterminds behind it, Mr. Bhatt still staged a show blaming the RSS for the attacks. If you do not have the guts enough to turn in the real culprits and stand for what is right, at least keep away from lame accusations and advocacies that art knows no boundaries! A grass root level artist in rural India respects art than you do, Bollywood is not an embodiment of art or Indian accomplishment.

Trisha Jay