Listen Chinese, his name is “MODI” and not Nehru; It is 2017 and not 1962 so better mind your tongue

China has a tendency to enter into others territory and start claiming it as its own property. This would have been stopped long back if India had a capable Prime Minister during the initial period after the independence. Sadly, we had Jawaharlal Nehru who wasn’t interested in strengthening Indian Armed forces.

The clash started with China obstructing the manas sarovara yatra which was eventually cancelled. Later China asked India to withdraw its troops from the Donglong area and also said that India has illegally occupied it. But in reply, Bhutan government issued a statement in which it clarified that the land belonged to India. India and Bhutan has mutual understanding on that land in terms of security.

Previously India had blocked the construction of the road by China in Donglong. China always claims that it is its land even though Bhutan has clarified its stand about it.

China will get a huge military advantage over India if it builds road in Donglong as gradually it can cut off Sikkim’s connection with India.

But China tried to mock India by talking of 1962 war. China seems to be in nostalgia and don’t want to come out of this. But the land of dragon dont know that India is not the same. Indian Prime Minister is the same; now it is Modi and not Nehru.

China wouldn’t have dared to say this sentence if India had won the 1962 war. And like how Congress claims the credit of corruption in India, even the war failure is the contribution of the Congress.

Why the war started?

The defeat in the war against China is solely due to Jawaharlal Nehru’s ignorance. Almost a decade before the war, China was claiming several territories as its own by including it on its official map. But Nehru wasn’t bothered about this. It was the right moment to exhibit the diplomatic skills of the Indians but Nehru didn’t feel so. China started to even build massive roads in Aksai Chin and the infrastructural activities was rapidly growing in that area.

It is not clear whether Nehru believed in “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai” or if he was lazy regarding India’s security. Whatever it may be, but Nehru is responsible for the defeat. When we analyse further, it is evident that Nehru implemented the “Forward Policy” to restrict China’s aggression but it was poorly planned. The Indian forces were instructed to build posts beyond the border in the China occupied land. But the worst part was the military posts were never supplied with proper arms and ammunitions or even proper food to the soldiers.

Nehru still assumed that China won’t attack India. But the war broke out, this was a war to claim the supremacy over Aksai Chin and Arunanchal Pradesh border regions by both the nations. India advocated that Aksai Chin belonged to Kashmir but China kept saying that it is the part of Xinjiang.

Why Nehru is responsible for India’s defeat?

  • Nehru wanted Indian Army to be scrapped as he said that Indian doesn’t need a defence plan. Due to this Indian Army wasn’t given importance at all.
  • Indian Air Force (IAF) was restricted from attacking Chinese troops. But this is shocking because the then Indian Air Force was far more superior than the Chinese Air Force. With the help of IAF, India could have easily supplied the arms and ammunitions and even food to ours soldiers. But Nehru didn’t want this.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru “declined a United States offer” to India to “take the permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council” around 1953 and suggested that it be given to China. But today we are struggling to get permanent membership and it is China who is massively opposing India.
  • The then Chief of Army Pran Nath Thapar gave regular warnings of a possible attack by China but Nehru didn’t pay any heed.
  • All together we can say that it was due to a weak leadership we lost the war.

India of 2017 is different from 1962:

China perhaps is still celebrating the 1962 war victory and is dreaming to attack India again. But it is not aware of the fact that India is ruled by a Prime Minister named Narendra Modi and not Nehru. India has a leader who will not run away but will face the enemies till they are destroyed. From the moment Modi took over the throne, India started to build massive roads across the Indo-China.

India has massively changed its approach towards the security of the nation unlike the Congress government. Heavy defence procurement deals are even signed with the powerful nations of the world.

Surgical strike on Pakistan was just a trailer and the full movie will be telecasted in China if the Chinese provokes India again

His name is MODI and don’t mess with him 

Nishika Ram