Listen to how LeT cowards cried with fear as Indian security forces approached towards him!

The Indian Army has been on rampage during the last month as it hunts down militants. There was news some time back that the Narendra Modi government has asked the Army to kill all militants in the Valley in the next few months. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

In one such search operation by the Army, they closed in on a few terrorists and surrounded. There was no chance of escape for these terrorists. They had to die, and they did.

One of the terrorists made a call to his relative as the Army closed in on him expressing his fear of unavoidable death. He was crying at the prospect of death at the hands of our soldiers.

This is what transpired on the call –

Terrorist: Hello.

Relative: Yes say.

Terrorist: Encounter has started. Firing has started.

Relative: Swear by Allah.

Terrorist: Allah.

Relative: What now?

Terrorist: Seems like no chance of survival.

All the while the terrorist was crying. This is how terrorists feel just before they’re dispatched to hell.

This audio is very heartening. These terrorists pick up arms against the country and kill innocents in cold blood. The victims cry for mercy but there’s no scope for any. The families of the victims cry for months, even years to come, but the terrorists rejoice their pain.

It was high-time the pain was given back to these anti-national elements. After having thousands of civilians and soldiers killed by terrorists, India is finally giving it back to them. In the last month or so, 63 terrorists have been killed.

The government has sent additional battalions to Kashmir to kill every living militant. This political will and unconditional support is what India needed, and finally Prime Minister Modi is delivering the same. And obviously, hats off to our security personnel who risk their lives to take on enemies. We can never repay their debt.


Vinayak Jain