Politicians….Listen to Akshay Kumar, He has a Message for You!!!

Politicians like Kejriwal, Chidambaram, & Sanjay Nirupam have questioned the authenticity of the strikes repeatedly in the last few days. Expectedly, there has been vicious reaction to their ridiculous scepticism that stems from an inherent political motive with the recent one coming from superstar Akshay Kumar.

In a video uploaded to his social media accounts, he said that he was speaking not as a celeb but as the son of an army man. He explicitly questioned the politicians who are asking for proof of the surgical strikes & urged them to stop doing so. He said to them & I quote “˜kuch to sharm karo”™. He went on to say that our soldiers are dying on the borders, their families are in extreme grief & here our politicians are involved in mud-slinging battles & doubting the credibility of the army. In the end he also that we as a people are responsible for the present & the future of the families of those soldiers who give their lives on the borders & it is because of these soldiers that we are what we are today.

Coming from a Bollywood celebrity this is a very welcome statement. Hopefully other celebs around the country will soon follow suit.

Vinayak Jain