LIVE Election Results!!! Latest Updates On Judgement Day Of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

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“Postcard” prediction turning true: We said BJP will secure 98- 105 seats

BJP looking strong wit 101 seats.

Will Rahul Gandhi accept this defeat without blaming on EVMs?

12:52 AM- Gujarat: After Initial fumble, BJP Retains All Four Seats in Prestige City of Rajkot

12:42 AM- Gujarat: Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath said that “People have rejected the divisive politics of Congress, this win is due to the dynamic leadership of BJP and the hard work of its workers. I have said this before, a change in Congress leadership will work in favour of the BJP. Congress should concede the 2019 Lok Sabha elections”.

12:30 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP’s Himachal chief ministerial face Prem Kumar Dhumal trailing by over 3,000 votes in Sujanpur.  He has been the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh from March 1998 to March 2003 and again from 1 January 2008 to 25 December 2012.

12:28 AM- Gujarat: “Will form Government in both Himachal and Gujarat with clear majority” Home Minister Rajnath Singh express his job.

12:27 AM- Gujarat: Jignesh Mevani-the man who abused Prime Minister of India and his mother- is leading by 10785 in Vadgam.

12:24 AM- Gujarat: Congress’s Arjun Modhwadiya loses from Porbandar to BJP’s Babubhai Bokhiriya by 1855 votes.

Hardik Patel proves that he is fit only for making provocative statements.

12:24 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP wins 5 seats whereas Congress wins 1 seat. Others win 2 seats.

12:13 Gujarat: BJP wins 22 seats whereas Congress wins just 10 seats.

11:46 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP has won 3 seats and Congress has won just 1 seats. What is humiliating to the Congress is others have won 2 seats.

11:43 AM- Gujarat: Till now, BJP has won 12 seats and Congress has just won 2 seats.

11:24 AM- Himachal Pradesh: The current trends show BJP getting 44 seats in the state, with Congress getting 20.

BJP workers celebrate outside party headquarters in the national capital as trends show victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

11:03 AM- Gujarat: BJP leading in 110 seats. Congress slips to 70 seats. Others with 2 seats.

11:00 AM- Gujarat: In Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home district of Mehsana, BJP leads on only two out of seven seats. The ruling party is leading in Kheralu and Vijapur, while Congress is ahead in Unjha, Visnagar, Becharji, Kadi and Mehsana.

Even if BJP gets one seat more than the required majority mark, it will be a big victory.


A massive embarrassment to Rahul Gandhi. Has he inaugurated a new downfall for the Congress?

10:51 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP surging in 43 seats. The corruption charges of Congress has helped in favour of BJP.

10:48 AM- Gujarat: CM candidate Vijay Rupani wins at Rajkot. This is a masssive boost for BJP. Initially, he was trailing.

10:48 AM- Gujarat: PM Narendra Modi shows victory sign while arriving in parliament. Meanwhile, Home Minister Rajnath Singh says, “The results are in accordance with our expectations. It is a clear majority for our government. The victory should be attributed to PM Narendra Modi’s charisma”.

10:44 AM- Gujarat: BJP leading in 108 seats, Congress leading in 72 seats.

Will Rahul Gandhi’s Hindutva mask work?

10:27 AM- Gujarat: BJP’s CM candidate Vijay Rupani trailing.

10:21 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP’s CM candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal is trailing by 1709 votes from Sujanpur.

10:19 AM- Gujarat: BJP looking rock solid by leading in 108 seats.

9:54 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP leading in 40 seats and Congress in 24 seats. Others in just 4 seats.

9:51 AM- Gujarat: The lead narrows down. BJP leading in 93 seats and Congress leading in 85 seats. Others leading in 5 seats.

9:46 AM- Gujarat: BJP leading in 101 seats; Congress in just 77 seats.

9:39 AM- Gujarat: In last 10 minutes, BJP gaining massively.

9:38 AM- Gujarat: BJP leading in 97 seats and Congress slips its lead to 81 seats and others in 4 seats.

9:33 AM- Gujarat: BJP crosses the majority mark in Gujarat, leading in 96. Congress slips to 82 seats. Others leading in 3 seats.

9:31 AM- Gujarat: BJP leading in 89 seats and Congress in 80 seats. Others leading in 2 seats.

9:28 AM- Gujarat: Since 2002, BJP hasn’t won in Godhra where the riots took place but now BJP is leading in Godhra

9:24 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP leading with 40 seats and Congress with 22 seats. Others leading in one seat.

9:23 AM- Gujarat: BJP leading now. Yes, with 84 seats, BJP is leading. Congress trailing by leading with 82 seats.

9:22 AM- Gujarat: Congress’ Arjun Modhwadia trailing by 989 from Porbandar.

9:19 AM- Gujarat: has taken the initial lead. Congress leading in 83 setas whereas BJP leading in 77 seats.

9:13 AM- Himachal Pradesh: BJP leading in Himachal Pradesh with 29 seats whereas Congress is leading in 13 seats.

The entire nation has placed its attention on today’s assembly election results. Yes, today is the judgement day of the elections that were held on November 9th in Himachal Pradesh and Dec9th and 14th in Gujarat. The Congress President Rahul Gandhi used his every bit of political experience while he was in Gujarat. But he remained miles behind when compared with PM Modi’s charisma. Chanting slogans “Modi Modi” took place several times when Rahul Gandhi was visiting temples and traders in Gujarat.

Who will win the battle of Gujarat?

Every exit polls clearly predicted the victory of BJP in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. As soon as the exit polls were out, instead of accepting the defeat, Congress shifted the blame on the EVMs. This was a disappointing move to see in the democratic nation where elections are conducted in a fair manner.

What the exit polls on Gujarat said?

BJPis sweeping Gujarat, that’s what the exit polls predicted. PM Modi led BJP is undoubtedly seen crossing the majority mark required to form the government. Some predictions indicate that BJP will garner more than 75 percent of the seats. Gujarat has 182 assembly seats and a party needs 92 or more to form the government.

Channels BJP Congress Others
Times Now Online-CVoter 109 70 03
Republic TV 108 74 00
CNN IBN 109 70 03
India Today 99-113 68-82 1-4
India News 110-120 65-75 02-04
News18 108 74
ABP-CSDS 117 64 01

But the entire nation is eagerly looking at the exit polls of Today’s Chanakya.

Region-wise breakup of Times Now Exit Poll!!!

Who will capture Himachal Pradesh?

Survey BJP Congress Others
Times-Now VMR 51
News Nation 43-47
India-Today-Axis 51 16 01
Aaj Tak 47-55 13-20 0-2
News X 42-50 18-24
ABP News 38 29
C-Voters 41 25

What is the role of Hardik Patel and gang?

Initially, the Patidar agitation seemed like a threat to the BJP but later on, the Patelsgot convinced that BJP is the only party that can respect their community. This reality was reflected in the words of Hardik Patel himself who on December 16th said that BJP is surging towards victory. How can he accept his defeat? That’s the reason he didn’t forget to blame the EVMs.

Accurate exit poll from Postcard News!!! Congress is gaining in the Gujarat elections but……………

Source: News 18

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