A Lockdown! India Is Now Going Through A Phase Of Curfew (For themselves, By themselves) Corona Virus Has Taken Around A Whirl Of Toll Worldwide!

The virus in the name of covid-19 has had a deep effect on the world economy and the health overall.

Various levels of health checkups were done so that people in general are not affected.

Government of India especially is applaudable for their continuous efforts on keeping their check on this deadly virus.

Here are few things you could do during this lockdown period.

 1.Social distancing: To avoid further spread of corona virus, we need to distance ourselves socially. To do that here are some do’s and don’ts


Work from home, avoid meetings, classes, tutorials, workshops etc.

Bare minimum of social events must be entertained. Try to postpone these if not very necessary.

Maintain at least 1 meter of distance nearby and also in hospitals, malls, restaurant, public places.


Don’t visit tourism places

Avoid non-essential trips

Avoids handshakes.

Visiting crowded places.

Non-essential social, commercial events.

ModiJi’s call for action:

The Janta curfew was an extended support and encouragement provided by Janta, to the Janta on 22nd March 2020.

One appeal to the public and Janta proved that we stand united against any challenge. His appeal needs to be taken seriously as to provide sufficient service.

Until further notice by the government, we hope, we Janta will provide the same support.

Clap and bell! Showing gratitude towards the essential service providers!!

 With a simple request, Janta showed their gratitude towards policeman,doctors,nurse,army, security guards, health keepers (it means sweepers! Let’s start calling them health keepers!!)

With this selfless gratitude, enormous amount of support and encouragement flowed in!!

Wait!! This is not the end!! We need to cautious.

Though there was a Janta curfew only on 22nd yesterday, we need to voluntarily put curfew on ourselves; to save ourselves, to save our family.

Modi Ji requested all the states to cooperate on this venture towards safety. Safety for us! Safety for all!

Anagha Mahishi


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