Look what this Journalist asked PM Modi to “gain publicity”

The American media cannot get over over the fact that India has a leader who is more popular than any other global leader. PM Modi is not only the most popular leader in Indian Political history, but is also the most eloquent leader in the world. PM Modi is on 6 day visit to Europe, where he is expected to make visits to Germany, Russia, France & Spain.

PM Modi was in St. Petersburg on Thursday when an NBC journalist asked him a strange question. National Broadcasting Company’s reporter Megyn asked PM Modi if he was on Twitter. The world knows that PM Modi has been very active on social media, which include Facebook, Twitter. The Prime Minister is also active on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

While most people claimed that Kelly didn’t do her ‘homework’, this could also be a deliberate attempt by Kelly to sound ignorant. Journalists are generally well aware of the facts and they know more than the common man. Kelly launched her new show with an interaction with PM Modi & Russian president Vladimir Putin at the Konstantin palace in St. Petersburg.

Before the formal TV Interaction, Kelly greeted the world leaders. While she was greeting PM Modi, the Indian PM said – “I saw your tweet with the umbrella.”

The tweet that PM Modi was referring to

“Oh really! did you? Are you on Twitter?” Kelly replied with a smile. PM Modi laughed off the question. However, people on Twitter were in no mood to forgive the NBC journalist, as she was slammed for her ‘poor’ online knowledge.

Alok Shetty