Look what Mamata Banerjee promoted to supress International Yoga Day!

The International Yoga Day was a huge hit not only in numerous cities in the country but all across the world. Thousands of people gathered in many nations to celebrate the day.

Prime Minister Modi had presented the idea at the United Nations to celebrate June 21 as the International Yoga Day, and it got unprecedented support. Yesterday was the third year when the day was celebrated.

Almost all politicians and parties in the country celebrated the day by doing Yoga with people. But there was one who didn’t, and there’s no surprise who that politician is – Mamata Banerjee. In fact, she didn’t even tweet about it. Such is her hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Along with June 22 being the International Yoga Day, it is also World Music Day. Instead of promoting Yoga, Mamata instead tweeted about World Music Day. Here’s what she said –

I think only a very handful of politicians, let alone India but even abroad would have wished people this. Twitterati was quick to thrash Mamata for going out of the way to not wish people the International Yoga Day –

While the whole world practices Yoga, Mamata is so engrossed in her hatred towards Prime Minister Modi that she won’t even talk about the heritage of India only because it was promoted by PM Modi and has gotten the rightful recognition because of his efforts.

Some more reactions on Twitter –

Mamata Banerjee’s government didn’t let schools in West Bengal observe the International Yoga Day. BJP-backed groups were denied permission to hold yoga events for which a protest was also done.

Yoga is extremely good for mental peace and health. It can lead to miracles. But Mamata doesn’t understand this, which is ironic because it seems like she’s the one who most needs to do Yoga.

She had been in a state of utter mental chaos ever since demonetisation – threatening Prime Minister Modi and speaking against the move which was clearly a move to target the corrupt. Ever since her goons have attacked BJP workers in West Bengal, she’s even targeted the Army and accused them of creating ‘havoc’ in her state, she’s boycotted GST meetings. She’s been behaving in the most uncivilized manner. It is apparent that she is in need of Yoga the most!

Vinayak Jain