Looking at current political scenario of Tamil Nadu, was Jayalalitha’s death really due to health issues?

From past 2 years, Tamil Nadu is facing crisis one after the other. Somehow the month of December has brought only grieve to the people of Tamil Nadu. In 2015 December, Tamil Nadu saw the worst floods in years which ruined the lives of thousands, but the worst was yet to come. The lady who was the backbone of Tamil Nadu, the lady who stood for the state in every crisis passed away on December 5th 2016.

This gave a rude shock to the people of Tamil Nadu and India. Jayalalitha who got admitted to hospital following brief illness came out dead after 75 days in December. Even today nobody knows what happened to her, what made her serious. But the turn of events from the time Jayalalitha got admitted to Hospital has been very murky.

On 23 September 2016, Jayalalitha was admitted to Apollo hospital following after she complained about fever. On September 24, the doctors released bulletin that Jayalalitha’s condition had improved and she was fast recovering. 25 September, the doctors said that Jayalalitha was on normal diet, but will be kept in observation. October 5th, the Apollo staff said that Jayalalitha was alright and will return home soon. October 6th, Madras High Court dismissed PIL seeking information of Jayalalitha’s health.

November 4th, doctors said Jayalalitha had fully recovered and will be discharged soon. But there were doubts raised after the doctor released government documents with Jayalalitha’s thumb impression saying she had inflated right hand. November 23, doctor said that Jayalalitha was able to walk and she was having food. Jayalalitha is said to have given statement that she had taken ‘rebirth’ and even expressed happiness over poll victory. But suddenly on November 4th, the doctors announced that Jayalalitha had suffered major cardiac arrest and was kept in intensive care. On December 5th, close to midnight Jayalalitha was announced dead by the Apollo staff.

After her death, within days, Sasikala was made the General secretary of the AIADMK party. Immediately after Sasikala took over the party, many people started raising questions against her saying that there was a big conspiracy behind the death of Jayalalitha. The real face of Sasikala was being exposed by many people including Jayalalitha’s niece who directly pointed at Sasikala for Jayalalitha’s death. They had accused her of hiding facts about Jaya’s health and not letting anyone meet the late CM. And now, just 2 months after Jayalalitha’s death, Sasikala is all set to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

This seems nothing more than a well orchestrated gimmick played by the entire Sasikala Gang to fool the people of Tamil Nadu. Imagine the catastrophic effect if Jayalaitha was to be announced dead all of a sudden, the entire Tamil Nadu would have been turned upside down by Jaya’s supporters. The emotional people would have demanded answers from the Sasikala who was the main care taker of Late CM. So Sasikala cleverly tapered down the sentiment of people. She made sure people forgot Jayalalitha slowly by confusing people on her health updates. After misleading people continuously for 2 months, people had lost faith in news and Apollo hospital which was changing its stand on daily basis.

This only helped Sasikala to divert the attention of people and finally reduce the sentiment towards Jayalalitha. Exactly why the announcement of Jaya’s death also was not done on 4th December when people suddenly got emotional after the news of cardiac arrest but was announced the next day late night.

Sasikala who has been waiting to occupy CM’s chair since years did not wait after Jaya’s death, she utilized the opportunity aptly and made O Pannerselvam resign the post using all her influence. Sasikala is now trying to dominate the entire AIADMK and wants to be the 2nd Amma of TN.

It is said that she even gave orders to the AIADMK members to give the same respect as they gave to Jaya. Sasikala who has always been against Pannerselvam, for being a close confident of Amma even had a verbal spat with him recently.

The matter was, Sasikala did not like Pannerselvam gaining popularity and importance in the party. It is said that Pannerselvam functioned exactly like Jaya and had given full freedom to all ministries to take right decision. This had irked Sasikala and had charged Pannerselvam saying “How could you pass orders without my permission, I am not the same Sasikala but I am the general secretary of the party. So you have no rights to pass orders without my approval. If you continue to do so, you will have to face consequence”. 

To which Pannerselvam had said, “I am working as directed by AMMA, I have no ulterior motives unlike others and am doing everything to serve the people of Tamil Nadu. I am following the footsteps of AMMA for which I require no orders from anyone”. In fact the fight was so fierce that the security guards had to enter to check on the situation.

Sasikala is now trying to adopt short cuts to gain power and control over the state and party. But what she forgets is that AMMA and herself are two contrasting characters and she can never achieve what Jayalalitha achieved. Jayalalitha never used short cuts, she came up with shear hard work and determination. She was a very calm and patiently heard everyone’s opinion. But Sasikala is completely opposite, she has no patience and is said to be very rude towards everyone. Sasikala in the verge to become 2nd AMMA is doing everything what Jaya did, she uses the same car, stays in same house, sits in the same chair. In fact the CM Pannerselvam also did not get so much benefits. He is seen standing folded hands in all pictures front of Sasikala. Jayalalitha had threat to her life and so she had Z security cover, but why has Sasikala hired bodyguards?? Just to project herself as VIP??

The events of 4 months has been planned to suit the requirements of Sasikala so she can occupy the post of Chief Minister.

Aishwarya S


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