Krishna….The Universal Truth!!! I am the beginning, middle, and end of creation

Krishna , the most lovable God ever! Hindus are lucky….they have all the Ancient Scriptures and Eternal Vedas to understand the Supreme Power so beautifully! No religion on earth has unfolded the more enchanting and mesmerizing qualities of the Supreme Power ever! But even we Hindus have limitations. How much can one claim to value The Infinite? Yes, even a fraction of His infinite qualities is unfathomable to the great scholars and devotees. Krishna is the bottomless gigantic ocean of Supreme Qualities and our cup is too small! So what, big deal! Let’s fill our small cup to the fullest and be content!

आकर्षयति इति कृष्ण:Nobody can escape the attraction and charm of Krishna! Thanks to Globalization, Krishna and Bhagvadgita have reached every corner of the world and inspired devotion among millions of hearts. Let’s discuss how Krishna is the Most Relevant God in today’s world!

KRISHNA IS REAL-Krishna has touched this Bharatbhumi with His Sacred Feet hardly 5000 years back. Even atheists can’t deny Krishna’s existence. He has been proved as The Most Ancient God by the Marine Archeological Survey Team (1985-2004). The team was led by Indian Archeologist Dr S R Rao who found the sunken city of Dwarka in Arabian Sea.


So, the modern intellectuals will have to accept the fact that India (Bharat) was advanced par excellence with established kingdoms, planned cities, Literature, Architecture, Economics, Medicine (Ayurveda), Defence Force some 5000 years back while the other humans on earth were living like animals in pre-civilization era!

Bhagvadgita , the Most Ancient Spiritual Scripture– Though written some 5000 years back, Bhagvadgita is relevant in all times, applicable to all ages. Bhagvadgita guides us how to live life fruitfully. It counsels us to do our duty without attachment. The pressure/expectations of result always reduce the performance of duties. Bhagvadgita fills us with hope about the eternity of souls. Other religious scriptures from 7th century like Bible and Quran are inspired by Bhagvadgita.

KRISHNA, the first ever Psychiatrist in the World– Krishna counseled depressed Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra to do his duty of a Kshatriya Warrior for the establishment of Justice and Truth. The compiled version of counseling by Krishna is Bhagvadgita. It is the guide for today’s psychiatrists.

KRISHNA, the best Strategist ever– Ego is the biggest vile in our lives that destroys many relationships and opportunities, isn’t it? When Jarasandha attacked Yadavas with an enormous army, Krishna explained the excited Yadavas that evacuating the place was the only sensible thing to do as they were substantially outnumbered. Sacrificing lives in a losing battle was totally uncalled for. Krishna earned the name ‘Ranchodraya’ (One who runs away from the battlefield) but didn’t let ego cause the deaths of innocents.

Indo-China war of 1962 was the result of ego and ignorance of Jawaharlal Nehru which resulted in wiping out all our deployed soldiers around 10000 by 80000 Chinese army. Our ill-equipped soldiers were dead ducks against Chinese army who had geographical advantage. All our soldiers were sacrificed in the most off-handed way!

KRISHNA, an ideal son– Krishna’s maternal Uncle Kansa had put Krishna’s parents, Devaki and Vasudeva in jail. Krishna, who was comfortably brought up in Gokula, attacked and killed Kansa and rescued his parents. It is a big lesson for those children, who treat their aged parents as a burden.

KRISHNA-the great friend- The deep friendship between Krishna and Sudama is an epic that inspires us to value old friends irrespective of their social and financial status. In friendship, one should understand the pain of the other without the wastage of words. Are you a good friend like Krishna?

KRISHNA, Thy name is Humbleness– Krishna, the Incarnation of the Supreme god, Vishnu, didn’t hesitate a bit to be a charioteer to Arjuna in the Kurukshetra battlefield. In another incident, when Dharmaraja Yudhishtira successfully completed Rajasooya yag, the ceremony was to be ended with Agra Puja. The good deed was to be dedicated to the Supreme of all. Krishna’s name was finalized unanimously. When they started looking out for Krishna, they found him in the dining hall removing the plantain leaves plates of Brahmins after the meal.

This is the great teaching by Krishna never to demean any job as small and insignificant.

KRISHNA, Protector of women– It was Krishna who came to the rescue of Draupadi when her modesty was attacked by Dushasan. Later, when Krishna visited Hastinapur, he refused all the invitations including Bheeshmacharya, Dronacharya etc, and accepted the hospitality of poor Vidura. That’s because, it was Vidura alone, who had protested hard against the humiliation of Draupadi.

Ignorant fools mock Krishna as a womanizer… that he had 16,108 wives. Here is the truth.

Rukmini and Satyabhama were the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, eternal spouse of Lord Vishnu.

Jambuvati, Bhadra, Neela, Kalindi, Mitravinda and Lakshana were Shanmahishis who take birth in every Dwapar yug only to get wedded with Krishna.

A demon called Narakasura had abducted 16100 women and held them in captivity. Krishna rescued the women after killing the demon. The women implored Krishna to marry them as nobody else would have married them due to the blemish of being in the captivity of the demon. Krishna married them and had ten sons and a daughter from each one of them. Is it humanly possible?

So, on the sacred occasion of Janmaashtami, let’s wish happiness to the Supreme Happiness …Chidaananda Swaroopi!

Sri Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum!

Sri Dwarakeesh ki Jai!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi