Lord Krishna’s Dwaraka City!!! Archaeological findings say that it was older than the Egyptian and the Chinese civilization

Did you know that there existed a city that was older than the Sumerian, Egyptian and the Chinese? Did you know that this civilization was more than 9500 years old? Yes, I am talking of the city of Dwaraka, which was created by Lord Krishna.

Till date, the Hindu scriptures have mentioned pin to pin details of every happening in the past. But the modern world tagged the Hindu scriptures as mythology and tried to reduce its importance. The reality can never be termed as a myth and this was proved right in the case of Dwaraka city.

When the marine archaeological survey took place, several stone structures were found in the submerged Dwaraka city. The structures recovered were in various shapes like semicircular, rectangular and square shapes. What is more fascinating is that anchors were found in the deep waters and the objects found were scattered from each other. This indicates that ships were highly used in the island city.

Dwaraka: A port city!!!

The finding also reveals that India had the finest port city when rest of the world’s civilisations were living in caves. Now this will topple the research of the mainstream scientists. Yes, these scientists had said that Indian culture started from around 5000 years back. But now the finding in the Dwaraka city says something else.

The exploration was conducted in the Gulf of Cambay and BBC’s Tom Housden has also claimed that the city of Dwaraka was five miles long and two miles wide. This is the oldest known remains in the subcontinent by more than 5000 years. The oceanographers of Indian National Institute of Ocean Technology had discovered this site and the when the debris was carbon dated, it revealed that these were nearly 9500 years old.

Mahabharatha says that Dwarka had 900,000 royal palaces and these were all constructed with crystal and silver and decorated with emeralds. The town planning was so fine that it had boulevards, roads, market places, assembly houses and temples.

Why Krishna built Dwaraka city?

Krishna was ruling Mathura but it was regularly attacked by Jarasandha. He had attacked on Krishna’s kingdom for 17 times and when he attacked for the 18th time, Krishna decided to change his city in order to prevent further loss of life. Jarasandh was the Magadh Naresh, who was a great devotee of Lord Shiva.

Krishna thought that the peace of his citizens was much more important than the killing of Jarasandha. So he decided to build a city in the island.

But the war didn’t end in Dwaraka too. The ancient Hindu texts say that flying machines (Vimana) had raged a war against Krishna’s Dwaraka. The use of all kind of sophisticated weapons is mentioned in the scriptures. What grabs everyone’s attention is that Krishna had an arrow like weapon which had the power of creating thunder like rays.

Nishika Ram**