Is Lord Rama a Myth or Reality???

Supreme Divineness is related to the faith of human beings. Historical facts to supplement that faith are sought by inquisitive minds. In today’s scenario where the world is engrossed in materialistic lifestyle, spiritual faith has taken a back seat in human lives. As far as Hinduism is concerned, the Leftist Academia has gradually succeeded in imbibing mistrust for the religion in the tender minds with timely precision. Hence, it’s the need of the time to provide upcoming generations with the factual data about history of Hinduism.

Liberal Intellectuals have named our History as “Mythology”. It has spread the wrong notion among people that Hindu religious Literature is a compilation of “Myths”.  It’s high time to scrap this deception and tell the world the truthful account of the most ancient religion in the world. Hindu Religious History is not a mythology but ‘Itihaas’ as noted in our scriptures. It means ‘Thus occurred’.

Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are the top three religions in the world and Hinduism is the oldest among all. The rise of Christianity and Islam was seen in 7th Century after the origin of their Holy Scriptures, Bible and Quran respectively. But the origin of Hinduism and its divine literature are too ancient to be calculated by human beings. The Vedas are known to be eternal. The abundant knowledge of Vedas has been transferred from one generation to the other.

To nullify the claim of Hinduism to be the most ancient religion, the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata are called ‘fictional’ stories. The fact is, we have abundant evidence of Ramayana and Mahabharata having actually taken place years before the human calculation of time began.

Evidences about Mahabharata era have been sufficiently discovered by researchers and archeologists. The era of Krishna, Kauravas and Pandavas is timed to be 5000 years back. Archeologists have discovered many weapons of Kurukshetra war. The period of these weapons are assessed to be 2800 BC by Thermo luminescence, which perfectly matches with Mahabharata period. Marine archeology has uncovered the remains of submerged Dwaraka city supporting the statements in Vedic scriptures. Thus, Krishna has been proved to be the most ancient Deity.

But when it comes to Ramayana, the physical evidences have been wiped out over the prolonged passage of time. Researchers have been unable to stipulate the time frame of Ramayana Era. It is approximately said to be 7000 years back. But as per Vedic Scriptures, Ramayana took place much before that. But the Epics of Ramayana written by Sage Valmiki are enough to prove the point of its occurrence as authentic.

182 plants (including flowers, trees, fruits) mentioned in Ramayana have been found to be true by Chennai Botanists. The places, facts, figures, science and environment described by Sage Valmiki can be identified in even today’s age. The geographical details narrated in the exile journey of Lord Rama, Seeta and Lakshmana perfectly match with today’s maps and topography details. Dandakaranya, Panchavati and Kishkinda are the regions spread in Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh of modern times.

The descriptions of places like Dandakaranya forest a dangerous place due to the existence of wild animals, Dry and moist climate of Kishkinda, Panchavati being situated on the banks of Godavari , the mention of regional birds and animals,  Ravana’s botanical garden being called Ashok van due to the evergreen Ashoka trees planted in it …..All these things denote the thoroughness of Sage Valmiki about the topography, geography and ecology of the region in his Epics.

Dr Kokatnur is a consulting Chemist in New York City. As a hobby he has taken up the studies of Hieroglyphics. His research took to him to the History of Chemistry in Sanskrit Literature. According to Valmiki Ramayana Epic, the description of Lord Rama’s Pushpaka vimaan (Butterfly like carriage) contains the detailed account of preparation for the flight and the air balloon. The narration of the Ariel view from Ceylon to New Delhi with astounding accuracy can’t be a fabrication of mind.

Sanskrit is the Mother of all languages. There is a vast treasure of Literature in Sanskrit which is extraordinarily informative, modern and scientific. Starting from Astronomy, Architecture, Economics and Geography, Numerology to the Religious Scriptures, Sanskrit is loaded with information. For all these Sciences, Vedic Scriptures are the main sources.

To put it in a nutshell, Ramayana and Mahabharatha are not ‘Myth’ology but History of India. And it’s high time to introduce our young generation to the glorious Indian History. Why should our children be taught about Indian History from the point of its downfall???

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi












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