Did you know that Yamraj had created a temple in Russia which was dedicated to Lord Sun?

To date, all places of excavations in the world are connected to Sanatan India. Each corner of the world, things related to our gods and goddesses are being discovered. Since the Bharat Yatra present in the era, people were immigrated to other parts of the land system. For this reason, the news of the discovery of Hindu temples in different parts of the world continues to be excavated.

It is believed that Yamraj, a god of death, had built a temple at Arkaim which is the present Russia. Russia is the mine of mysteries where many views are found on our eternal tradition. This temple of Arkaim was built by Yama Raj. This temple, built by keeping the polar star in the center, is dedicated to Sun God, the father of Yama. It is believed that our solar system will be depicted by this temple, where the other planets move at an infinite speed around a stationary center.

Arkaim is the living testimony of unique architecture. During the year 1987, Russian geochemists had censored the monument built on a unique architecture in Rikimeem. It is believed that this monument found in the South Ural Mountains is built in the Bronze Age. Arakim was the first clear evidence of the rise of an ancient advanced culture on Russian soil.

This structure is designed in such a way that a central square is built around a circular principle. Within the fortification of the structure, there are about 60 houses which are semi-opened. For the protection of this structure, two equal defenders of clay and adobe blocks were made on a wooden frame. There were only four ways to enter this structure, which were created in very complex ways. It means that it was impossible for the enemies to enter inside this structure!

This structure was made to adapt to aerial reference points so that it can be called an observatory as well as a fort. It is believed that the entire structure is made in accordance with the Vedic Mandal, which is mentioned in the Rig Veda. In Arkaim, some items of copper on which the “swastika” was inscribed and other domestic and wild animals were found. But objects like any other architectural art or jewellery have not been found. Scientists say that in this ancient era, this place will have to be created to see and understand celestial phenomena. This kind of secret is also found in the “Konark Sun Temple of India”. Konark is also dedicated to the Sun God and surrounded by many mysteries.

In the era of the Vedas, Russia was called “a sage or a female year”. In Sanskrit, ‘Arka’ means ‘sun’. However, this structure of Arkaim was dedicated to the Sun God. According to a Russian writer, ‘Arka’ means ‘sky’ and ‘im’ or ‘land’. According to this author, Arakim means, that place where Prithvi and Akash meet. Or is it possible that the meaning of Im is Yama? Yama devoted this structure by dedicating his father to the sun; hence the name of this place has been called Arkaim? Spread over 220,000 square meters, this structure is unique. It is possible that the Sun’s son Yama has created this structure; such history is to be believed in the works and the editors.

Debate prevails in various parts of the world has challenged the Western world’s argument that how things and symbols of Sanatan India’s civilization are being found everywhere. The discrepancies in this direction can now remove the curtains from these mysteries.

Arkaim is but one example of the rich archaeological bounty hidden away in the Russian interior. Similar sites have been lost to industrial progress, such as Sarkel, a limestone and brick fortress built by the Khazar culture in 830AD, which was flooded by the Russian government for the construction of the Tsimlyansk reservoir in 1952. Due to the secrecy and lack of academic cooperation during the cold war and possibly to language barriers, many such sites still exist, but have yet to be explored and analyzed, and more still are yet to be discovered.

Source: Ancient- Origins.net