Love Jihad!!! 13 year old girl abducted & raped; Found pregnant when police traced her after two months

To all those who say that “Love Jihad” is a fictional issue, here is a fresh example of how a 13 year old girl was abducted and raped and forcefully married off.

A girl, who was missing since two months, was traced last week. When she was traced, what her parents discovered was shocking. Yes, she was a three week pregnant. She went missing after she had gone to buy ice cream in Delhi.

She was a victim of the “Love jihad” that is haunting the Hindu community since years. But who ever complained about it were targeted and called as an element that harms the communal harmony. Well, in this nation speaking truth will hurt the seculars.

According to the DCP south-East Romil Baaniya, on May 12, on the complaint of Prem Kumar, the girl’s father, a case u/s 363 IPC was registered. Later it was found that Iddu khan, who worked in the nearby locality, went missing since the girl disappeared.

Police couldn’t trace the girl even though they conducted several raids. Finally on July 7, the man whom the girl had been married to surrendered in the Saket Court along with her. After girl’s father had filed a complaint the court found a “Nikahnama” which stated that the girl was married off on July 3. The police soon arrested the witness and later everything was exposed. Later the police found that the girl was a three week pregnant when medically examined.

But the extent was brainwashing her was such that the 13 year old girl refused to stay with her parents so she was sent to a shelter home.

A very deep rooted nexus exists that secretly plans to trap Hindu girls into love and if they are not trapped than the girl will be abducted and raped and brainwashed. Why the government is not taking this menace seriously?

The girl’s father spent Rs 47,000 during the investigation. He had paid for the food, fuel and travelling expenses of the police. Should a girl’s father save money for his daughter’s future or spend in order to find his daughter when a womaniser kidnaps her?

Why aren’t the mainstream media reporting this? Why there are no sting operations on these Jihadi forces like how it was conducted on cow vigilantes?

Source: http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/13-yo-delhi-girl-who-was-abducted-three-months-ago-returns-home-married-pregnant-325899.html



Nishika Ram