Love Jihad!!! Modi Government started Crack down on Kerala’s Dawa Squads that converted thousands of Hindu girls

Love Jihad issue has been a buzzword for couple of years now. Especially in Kerala, this issue has attracted the attention of the entire Nation. Right from the Kerala High court till the Supreme Court, every authority has been raising an alarm on this critical issue for quite some time now.

However Modi government has decided to take a stern action on this evil practice, the National Investigation Agency is set to crack down on the Dawa Squads in Kerala which indulge in systematic conversions as part of Love Jihad. Under the scanner of the NIA are 98 conversions that have taken place in the past year.

As per NIA the threat of Love Jihad is real in Kerala and it has become an utter menace. The NIA has been investigating this issue for couple of weeks and have recorded the statements of many persons who have testified that they were lured, trapped and forced to convert to Islam and are on the target of ISIS recruitment cells.

The NIA reveals shocking details about special squad known as the Dawa Squad, these squads have been formed for this purpose only. It comprises several layers which begin at the college level. The job of the Dawa Squad is to ensure that a Non-Muslim woman is trapped, converted and then married off to a Muslim.

It is a very systematic trap that is set for the Non-Muslim victims. The NIA team in Kerala has been taking the accounts of several persons who narrate their trauma. In most cases, it has been found that the conversion in the first place is a trap.

NIA further revealed that there are four steps that are involved while setting the trap. First these Dawa People identify the lady who has troubled relations with their parents. Then they speak about the benefits of being part of Islam and brainwash them into believing that there is more freedom and peace in Islam.

The third step is to lure them and take them to a conversion center and ensure that the girl lives in some hostel and does not go home. When the girl fails to go home, the obvious missing complaint is filed by the parents. The girl is obviously tense with the complaint and that is when the final step comes in. They tell the girl that the only way out of the mess is to get married to Muslim and get converted.

This has been a standard Modus Operandi noticed in each of the cases. Very few cases are voluntary in nature. As the probe went on, more such cases will crop up.

This process is so much aligned with the laws and constitution that if one looks at the four step process, prima facie there appears to be no illegality committed. The Constitution only bars forced conversions. It would take a lot for the NIA to piece together the evidence. However NIA is pretty confident and the accounts of the women who have spoken to the agency would provide a solid foundation to the case.

The next step would be to join the pieces of this Love Jihad puzzle together to show that these are not one off events, but a sustained ploy to lure, dupe and trap vulnerable women into Love Jihad, and then get them ready for the recruitment for Terror organizations.

It has also observed that there is a planned effort in Kerala to trap such Non-Muslim women. The prime objective is to deteriorate the social fabric of society. It is also aimed at creating a communal divide and this is very evident in Kerala now, at least for last decade.

Manish Sharma