This lovely gesture of Prime Minister Modi is just mindblowing !

On February this year, during the inauguration of 112 feet statue of Adiyogi, PM Modi was welcomed by Sadguru Shri Jaggi Vasudev Ji and he was gifted a brilliant blue-green stole with the photo of Adiyogi on it. As Shri Narendra Modi was performing the arati of Adiyogi, Ms Shilpi Tewari randomly tweeted that she wants the lovely stole of PM Narendra Modi mentioning him in the tweet. Here is the tweet :

What happened next surprised not only her, but will leave anyone frozen with happiness. Little did she realize that her dream will come true the very next day. PM Narendra Modi sent her the stole the next day. Not only that, he also sent an autographed note mentioning the tweet of Ms Shilpi Tewari.

This just goes on to show how PM Modi actively listens to the voice of every citizen on twitter and walks an extra mile to keep everyone happy ! With every passing day, he keeps winning the hearts of billions by his lovely gesture.

Kshitij Mohan**