Lt Col Purohit pointed out at India’s Powerful Politician for having terror links; It will shock you when you know this politician’s name

He is released after nearly nine years in jail when the Supreme Court granted him a bail on August 21st.

Purohit has pointed towards hidden secrets while taking an 18 month Arabic course at Pachmarhi, MP, while continuing to gather information as an intelligence officer of military and asked for in-depth investigation.

Purohit was one of the leading experts on the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). Also, he was renowned for his knowledge in counter terrorism in Kashmir and Maharashtra.

Entire Case of Malegaon blast was against of Purohit!    

Writing from judicial custody in Taloja Central Prison in Navi Mumbai (PSP/55224/Official Corres/14, dated May 31, 2014), Purohit, an accused in the Malegaon 2008 bomb blast case, claims that the entire case against him was fabricated and stage-managed by the Maharashtra ATS, for reasons best known to them and their policy make.

His appeals in this regard to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, Defence Minister A.K. Antony, and even the then President of India, who were not at all responded to his appeal.

Purohit had made a dig at Singh in this matter by stating that he had drawn Dr.Manmohan Singh’s attention to “the attempts of politicizing the case by the president incumbent of the National Congress Party”; the word Congress was subsequently cut and deleted for ‘Political’ Party in pencil.” where entire letter is written in ink.

Later, Purohit had suggested that the conspiracy was a mastermind by more powerful forces of Congress than the Maharashtra Anti-terrorism Squad.

He said that he was in distant Pachmarhi, when the blast took place in Malegaon town of Maharashtra on September 29th, 2008.

Further sources said that he had uncovered and aborted at least seven terror attacks in the country and he was an expert in the knowledge of forthcoming attack on November 2008, which possibly led to his downfall.

Purohit was framed due to his intensive information!

On October 24, 2008,, Col. R.K. Srivastava arrived at Pachmarhi from Army Headquarters with instructions to facilitate Purohit’s interaction with ATS Maharashtra Police. Srivastava also had instructions to bring Purohit to Delhi to meet with Military Intelligence-20.

But, it’s Purohit had confirmed that Srivastava did not convey any messages, but his “Suspicious Moves”.

On October 29, 2008, the Adjutant of the Army Education Corps and Training Centre (AEC) gave Purohit his movement order, which directed him to report to Director MI-20 at Army Head Quarters. Srivastava asked him to leave his mobile phone with the Adjutant.

But, when they have reached Bhopal airport, Purohit was forced to board a flight to Mumbai under false movement order by Srivastava.

Various witnesses (Lt. Col. G.C. Mohanta, then Adjutant of AEC; Brigadier Rajkumar, then DDG MI, and others) confirmed that Purohit was moved on a false movement order. Noted point is “an Army Court of Inquiry in 2009 upheld Purohit’s claim of abduction, kidnapping and illegal detention by Col. Srivastava.”

When they have reached mUmbai, Purohit was taken to civilian bungalow at Khandala in the illegal custody of ATS officer and subjected him to unspeakable mental and physical torture from October 29 – November 4, 2008.

The worst offenders included then ATS chief, Hemant Karkare (d. Mumbai 2008), then Addl. DG Police, Parambir Singh, inspector Arun Khanvilkar (since dismissed from service in another matter), and then Asst. CP, Mohan Kulkarni (since retd).

It is notable that Purohit was prohibited to communicate his family and every attempts of Aparna Purohit’s to locate his place was failed.

On Nov 5TH, 2008, he was handed over to the Mumbai ATS. And, he became Accused No. 9 in the Malegaon blast case!

Two witnesses exploded the theory!!

“Tracing events prior to his taking the Arabic course at Pachmarhi, Lt. Col. Purohit served as an intelligence officer with the Southern Command Liaison Unit, Pune, at Devlali, Nasik. One of his registered intelligence sources, Sudhakar Chaturvedi, was made Accused No. 11 in the Malegaon case. The ATS claimed to have arrested him on November 20, 2008, and recorded that the house provided to him in the cantonment area was searched under panchanama on November 25, 2008, where traces of the RDX allegedly used in the Malegaon blast were recovered. The charge sheet stated that the bomb was assembled at Chaturvedi’s house.”

“This theory exploded during the Army’s Court of Inquiry, when two independent witnesses, Major Pravin Khanzade (Witness 1) and Subedar (then) Keshav K. Pawar (Witness 2) revealed that on November 3, 2008 (two days before Purohit’s arrest and 17 days before Chaturvedi’s arrest), the two of them had caught an ATS Asst. police inspector, Shekhar Bagade, planting evidence at Chaturvedi’s house. On being caught, he had pleaded with them not to report his presence there. But Major Khanzade reported the incident to all his seniors in Devlali and to Hqrs. Southern Command, Pune. The statements of Khanzade and Pawar figure on page 330 (July 8, 2009,) and page 426 (July 27, 2009,) of the official record of the Court of Inquiry.”

And, then..

In March-April 2011, the case was handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), which was failed too to file a charge sheet.

Calling himself an old war horse that responds to one call of the bugle, he prays for the “singular honour” of serving “my most revered and beloved motherland”. Purohit ends his missive urging the Prime Minister to ensure the release of all innocents in the case, not just himself.

The Investigations must starts with Sonia Gandhi!!

Those masterminds that Purohit had pointed were no one, but Sonia Gandhi and her Congress Alliances!

To be frank, the investigations must start with the first attack on Hindu Sacred spaces outside J&K, Aksharadham, Ahmedabad, September 2002 and the creation of nuisance theory of “Hindu Terror” by Congress!

Above all, I strongly argue that statutory action must be taken against Col. R.K. Srivastava, and the surviving members of the Mumbai ATS – Addl. DG Police, Parambir Singh, inspector Arun Khanvilkar and Asst. CP, Mohan Kulkarni. Hemant Karkare’s disgraceful conduct also needs to be put on record.

Source : http://intellibriefs.blogspot.in/2017/08/purohit-points-finger-at-congress.html