Lt Col Purohit reveals something big!!! Dawood Ibrahim was in Mumbai in 2005; Do you know which political party welcomed him?

Slowly and steadily we are able to understand why Lt Colonel Purohit was jailed by the then UPA government that was led by Sonia Gandhi. Soon after he is released out of the jail, he has started revealing information that we never imagined in our wildest of the dreams. Yes, Lt Col Purohit has said that Dawood was in Mumbai in the year 2005. Now this raises question on the ruling government because how the most wanted criminal so easily sneak into our nation?

The most wanted, Dawood Ibrahim was in Mumbai!!!

Yes, Lt Colonel Purohit had all the details of Dawood Ibrahim’s visit to Mumbai. Officer had successfully gained access to even to the people with whom Dawood had links and movements in India. Perhaps this officer knew something more that could destroy a political party.

Dawood’s visit had grabbed the attention of few newspapers and it was published in June 5th or 6th June, 2005 in certain newspapers. Dawood was acting like a pivot between ISI and the naxals.

Instead of supporting Lt Col Purohit’s report, he was suppressed and tortured. Why didn’t Congress nab him? Congress needs to answer this but expecting answer from them is foolishness.

Terrorists were accompanied in red beacon car in Kashmir!!!

Presently terrorists are hunted down like never before by the PM Modi led NDA but this was not the case few years ago. The terrorist appeasement was at the peak during those times as the terrorists were treated like celebrities. Terrorists were travelling in the politician’s car but the officer denied naming those politicians as he is a serving officer.

Which politician ran the fake currency racket?

Lt Col Purohit had successfully busted a fake currency racket run by few of India’s politicians. So, even this was the reason for pushing him behind the bars.

I am Serving the Flag!!! I am serving the President!!!

One should really appreciate Col Purohit’s will power. Even after undergoing series of tortures, he has not given up. He still wants to serve the nation. That’s the real patriotism but at another end we find people like Kanhaiya Kumar who insult and abuse our Army.

Indian Army court (probe) gave clean chit to Col Purohit but those who are part to Hindu terrorism conspiracy are unprepared to accept this fact & logic.


Hansika Raj