Lust for sex killed 7 year old Pradyuman!!! Your blood will boil after you hear how the boy was killed by this school bus conductor

This incident will not only crunch your heart but also will trigger a sense of anger against this man named Ashok. This horny man has ended up the life of a 7 year old kid named Pradyuman who was studying in class 2. The murder of this school kid had witnessed nationwide anger as the irresponsibility of the school management was also clearly visible.

7 year old boy Pradyuman

Pradyuman’s body was found in the school toilet of Ryan International School in Bhondsi, Gurgaon. When he was found in the toilet, his throat was slit. This brutal task was done by the school bus conductor Ashok. The only reason for the murder was that the boy didn’t cooperate with the horny conductor to perform sex.

All this happened in a span of 15 minutes but the school management had no clue of this. Finally this came to the notice of gardener who escalated the issue. When the murder came to light, Ashok soon rushed towards the body and started his drama. He cried holding the boy’s body and pleaded for help. This was done with a sole intention to divert the attention of others. Sadly, the boy was declared brought dead by the doctors.

Later, on suspicion, the police had detained Ashok and two other staffs. But all this drama came to an end when two students informed the police that they spotted Ashok entering the bathroom at the time of the incident. Soon after this, when police intensified their probe, Ashok confessed that he murdered Pradyuman.

Dr Deepak Mathur said that there were two cuts on the boy’s neck. Doctor also said that one cut was long and deep that it had reached the entire depth of boy’s neck. But, doctor said that there were no physical findings of sexual assault.

DCP Simardeep Singh said that Ashok had a kitchen knife in his pocket and when the boy screamed for help, Ashok split the boy’s throat using the knife. The police also said that they will investigate how the conductor smuggled-in the knife into the school campus.

Vinod Chand Thakur, father of Pradyuman said “I had dropped my son and 11-year-old daughter Vidhi at school around 7.55 am. I got a call from my wife Shushma around 8.10 am that Anju Dudeja, one of the teachers, had informed her that my son was bleeding profusely and they had taken him to hospital. They said that is was an accident.”

Thakur later said that not only the killer of his son but the person allowing Ashok to get in the knife inside the campus must also be punished.

Nishika Ram