Lutyens media are into deep shock as soon as Modi backs Ram Nath Kovind for next President; See their pathetic reaction

To suppress the Modi government’s run, the self proclaimed journalists may go to any extent. Recently we had seen how General Bipin Rawat was insulted for using a stone pelter as a human shield. And now few journalists (pseudo seculars) have gone one step ahead to target the BJP Presidential candidate.  Till now we have seen how these had requested BJP to back a secular candidate. But when BJP names Ram Nath Kovind as its candidate, see how Rajdeep Sardesai, Rana Ayyub, Shekar Gupta and brigade started to insults Ram Nath Kovind.

Modi has given a masterstroke by nominating a person who has a clean track record and this has been a shocking news for all the pseudo seculars who thought of having a feast over BJP’s nominee.

We had seen how journalists like Rana Ayyub and Rajdeep Sardesai shouted when there was violence in Saharangpur. 24*7 these said that there is nothing left for Dalits in the BJP ruled India. But when BJP offers a Dailt leader to be the first citizen of India, then see how Ram Nath Kovind is insulted.

These self proclaimed journalists have insulted a Dalit leader by comparing with Prathiba Patil. Let me remind these journalists that Ram Nath Kovind has strived had for the betterment of the classes of the society. He didn’t live in a luxury bunglow and enjoy the government’s facilities but he showed how a Dalit leader can be a great leader. He is a gentlemen who didn’t involve himself in petty politics like Mayawati.

Now those who compared Ram nath Kovind with Prathibha Patil, let me give a brief information on Prathibha Patil.

Achievements Of Pratibha

  • Patil used Indian government’s money to take useless foreign trips with her grandchildren. When they are on travel, Presidents are supposed to meet foreign dignitaries and improve diplomatic relationships & cultural exchange. In her foreign trips, her huge extended family travels at taxpayer’s expense to tourist spots. 22 trips and $40 million in travel expenses. Even when she traveled in India, she seemed to like beaches more than people.
  • As a parting gift to the nation, Patil pardoned over 35 convicts on a death row – with no real justification. These included a few brutal child rapists.
  • She has allegedly misused Indian government’s money to build a mansion on a 260,000 sq ft plot, in a land belonging to war widows. This act (of using government money to build a retirement home post-Presidency) was unprecedented.
  • She did a self-appraisal and announced 300% Salary hike for herself as well as vice-president.

Whole of India knows how that Prathibha Patil achieved a big “Zero”.

Now have a look at all those journalists who insulted a leader like Ram Nath Kovind:



See how these Journalists got a perfect reply

Rajat Bhandary