Why is lutyens media the biggest threat to India and its development?

 It is well known that the Lutyens Delhi circuit is a group consisting of influential policymakers, journalists, people from the entertainment industry, & some others. Also, what is no secret is that Sonia Gandhi is the so called ‘empress’ of this circuit. This circuit has been proactive in undermining Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever since he came to power.

The simple reason why this circuit is anti-Modi is because he is an outsider who is patriotic & doesn’t cater to the whims & fancies of these few people, & instead does what he deems best for the country.This surely wasn’t the case when Sonia Gandhi ruled the country from behind closed doors.

Misleading on Noteban

Some of the senior officials who want transformation just like Prime Minister Narendra Modi even warned the PM that this Lutyens Zone was making massive efforts to sabotage the demonetisation move. These ‘elites’ were trying to swell public anger against the government citing that the ban on the notes affected each & every one of the 1.26 billion Indians.

This was amply seen in the way demonetisation was portrayed in the media. There was immense talk that the move had caused intolerable sufferings to the public, there was huge job loss, & one article even said India’s GDP growth rate would fall to just 0.2%, but on the contrary the public supported demonetisation immensely, industry setbacks seem temporary, & the growth rate has only been cut to 7% from 7.6%.

The Intolerance Debate

The reason for the ‘intolerance’ debate wasn’t the Dadri incident or the others that were being cited. These were just opportunities for these people to target the government. One of the primary reasons was the way in which the Modi-government began vacating houses in the Lutyens Bungalow Zone.

The Congress government had allotted houses to people in the media & entertainment industry, & bureaucrats. The allocation is made to people who can’t afford to pay for their own housing (taxpayer’s money is used to fund the housing of these people), & is made for a particular time period. But to garner goodwill, Congress never vacated people who had overstayed or had developed the means to pay.

The Modi government began vacating those who had overstayed – some even for decades – & those who were financially capable of paying for their housing. This resulted in the ‘award wapsi’ sham& was dominated by people from Bollywood & the media industry.

Prime Minister Modi has been very accommodating with senior officials in different departments & agencies who used to work under the Congress regime in letting them complete their terms &then leave at their will. Yet, the Lutyens Zone tries to portray him as a vindictive person who is set out to use different arms of the government to take revenge.

The secret campaigns of the Lutyens Zone will go on to continue, & may even intensify, but the people of the country aren’t seeming to be falling for these false propaganda. Prime Minister Modi has always let his critics function freely, while he’s concentrated on building an inseparable rapport with those who matter – the common people.

Vinayak Jain