What made Subramanian Swamy Suddenly Hate Sonia Gandhi???

Yes, Rajiv Gandhi and Subramanyam Swamy were very close buddies! So close that Rajiv used to tell him things about his wife, Sonia Gandhi alias Antonia Edvige Albina Maino. Not sweet little things….but the secrets about his Italian wife! Again not harmless personal secrets, but anti-national one! If a man tells things about his wife to a friend, imagine how much trust and confidence must be the foundation of this friendship! Subramanyam Swamy and Rajiv Gandhi were 3 AM buddies! Inseparables even in Parliament! Swamy liked Rajiv very much! He says Rajiv was a good man and a great patriotic too! Swamy even battled for Rajiv over Bofors Scandal in Parliament!

Today he is the nightmare to his friend’s widow! Today Swamy is anti-Congress! He is a one-man army out to finish the roots of Congress Dynasty! He is pulling them to courts! He is on the mission to expose their frauds, scams and anti-national activities! But not long back, he was a Congressman himself! Not long back, he was their personal friend! What was the sequence of events that made him not just leave Congress but take an extremely revolting stand against them?

Swamy was friendly with Sonia till he didn’t research her background. Rajiv Gandhi once told Swamy about Sonia’s long-term association with George Habash group of Palestinians! Geroge Habash was ‘Terrorism’s Christian Godfather”! He was the inspiration to the likes of Osama Bin Laden for his successful Hijackings and terror attacks. Sonia Gandhi used to send him money regularly. Now, we know that Rajiv Gandhi had married uneducated poor girl working in a bar. No hard guess that it was Indian money that was going out of the country to the terrorist groups. Via Sonia Maino!

Sonia is an emotional person…when it comes to terrorists! She cried the whole night bitterly over the deaths of terrorists killed in Batla House Encounter! She whined and grieved the death of suicide bomber Ishrat Jahan! Likewise, our Sonia was sentimental about the Palestine families who lost their sons in suicide bomb attacks!

Sonia once pestered Rajiv Gandhi to find out whether the money sent by her to the terrorists’ families was reaching them or not. Rajiv confided in his close friend Subramniyam Swamy and asked him to make a trip to Tunisia and meet Yasser Arafat ! Swamy flew to Tunisia on 10th October, 1990 and met Arafat in his hideout place! Though Swamy was helping his close friend, he pretty much summed up what kind of a woman his friend had married.

Long before Sonia entered politics, Swamy was watching her closely.  Sonia had started operating as a benami Insurance agent for Oriental Fire and General Insurance Company and had given her office address as 1. Safdarjung Road- the Prime Minister’s official residence.  Swamy exposed to Indira Gandhi the ‘doings’ of her elder bahu in the parliament with documentary evidence and put a stop to Sonia’s ‘business’!

Swamy has ‘Hindutva’ in his blood. He inherited the pride for Hindutva from his mother. He is anti-Socialism. He was vary of Sonia’s connection with the International forces like International Christian Community and many NGOs

The family background of Sonia ‘Maino’ is extremely shady! Her father Stefano Maino worked as a volunteer in Nazi army.

Sonia’s mother Paola Maino used LTTE for money laundering. Her sister Anushka alias Alessandra (Pappu ki Mausi) had two shops displaying smuggled sculptures of Indian Gods, antiques, paintings etc. Mr Arjun Singh, Union Minister in charge of culture looked after the ‘job’ of sending ‘crates full of ‘goods’ to Rome everyday!

Within a few years after her marriage with Rajiv Gandhi, the Mainos went from utter poverty to billionaires. Besides Palestian extremists, the Maino family had dealings with Saddam Hussain and LTTE too.

The Bofors money in which case Rajiv Gandhi got tangled went actually to Sonia’s close friend Ottavio Quattrocchi who used to make dealings in weapons for LTTE.

Rajiv Gandhi was under Sonia’s influence badly. After the defeat of Indira Gandhi in 1977, Sonia took her kids and Rajiv to Italian embassy and hid there. Imagine Rajiv Gandhi, a pilot with Indian Airlines in hiding! But he snapped out of her bad influence in 1989.He was planning to correct the mistake he had made about Sonia after the elections in 1991. Sonia came to know of this. Quite conveniently for her, he got assassinated without being able to harm her position. Sonia Gandhi inherited Rajiv Gandhi’s Millions!

There is a string of circumstantial evidence pointing to the Prima Facie possibility that the Maino family may have contracted the LTTE to kill Rajiv Gandhi. When Supreme Court announced death sentence for four LTTE people, Sonia wrote a letter to the President requesting to cancel capital punishment. She even sent her daughter to meet one of the assassins.

Later, Sonia even had political alliance with Karunanidhi who had praised Rajiv Gandhi’s killers and funded their families openly. The alliance is still on!

Since, Swamy was very fond of his friend Rajiv; he could not digest all this. The things were stretching too far! And then one last incident happened that proved conclusive!

During P V Narsimha Rao’s tenure, Swamy used to visit Sonia once in a while. During one visit, she said to him, “I’m more Sicilian (Italian) than Indian. Indians liked to be kicked.”  And that was it! Straightforward that Swamy was, he told on her face, ‘This is my last meeting with you. I’ll never meet you again. You told me you were more Sicilian than Indian. Now I will tell you what Sicilian is!”

And the rest is history! TDK and Buddhu ,as they are referred in Swamy’s dialect are constantly jumping from frying pan to fire!

It was Swamy who caught Sonia in a legal hitch and shattered her dreams to rule India as the Prime Minister.

It is Swamy who has caught Sonia Maino and Raul Vinci in the web of legal battles for their numerous past deeds! Right from their degrees to citizenships, 2G to National Herald to Augusta Westland scam, TDK and Buddhu are attacked right, left and centre!

There will come one day when these Dynasty crooks supporting terrorists and looting India will be locked up in jail.