Mahagathbandhan has neither leadership nor intention! So Indians have no option other than dumping it in 2019

Giving out a perfect mock at the Opposition and proving their tactics to be good for nothing nor will it prove effective to make way for their victory, this Chief Minister has given out a statement that this alliance lacks Leadership and intention!

The Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has clearly stated that “the Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) has no future as it has neither leadership nor intention”.

In a party Press Release, the CM said neither the people nor the parties of the grand alliance are accepting the leadership of the Congress party. The BJP has a “world-level” and charismatic leadership, whose acceptance is growing among the people.

“The BJP, along with its allies, is in governments in 70 per cent of the country and it was due to the leadership acumen of founder president Atal Bihari Vajpayee,” Das said. He called upon the party workers to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shahs call of Ajay BharatAtal Bhajpa and mera booth sabse majbood (my booth is the strongest) which is not just a slogan but a mantra for winning Lok Sabha seats.

Specifically making it clear that gone are the days when Congress was considered as the only party capable enough to handle the nation (Though it was only a misconception among the people), presently it is BJP wave in India. People have realized the difference between actual leadership and Dynasty Politics.

“The Jharkhand unit of the BJP claimed it would win more than 350 seats in the Lok Sabha elections and over 60 seats in the state Assembly polls. The BJP will serve the country by winning more than 350 seats in the Lok Sabha elections and with the blessings of the people we will win over 60 seats in the Jharkhand Assembly elections”, BJP’s state unit president and MP Laxman Gilua said while he was at the inaugural session of the party’s Executive Committee meeting.

Each one of the BJP Leaders following the footsteps of Team Leader PM Modi, are giving out a clear message to the BJP volunteers and its supporters to work accordingly to the agenda of the party as given out by its Party Chief. Their aim is not towards party’s betterment but the welfare of the nation is what needs to be focused upon.It is not the power or position that matters, but the power in right hands that count!

Source: Business Standard.com

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